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If Ignorance Is Bliss, Why Aren’t More People Happy

Remember how Grandma used to keep quoting that, Mi? “Kanna moodina ulagam maranjuduma di?” (Loosely translated – If you close your eyes will the universe cease to exist?)

For some, it is easier to stick that head in the sand because ignorance is bliss.

And that sand can seem pretty cozy to some, Mi, even if it gets in their eyes. They like to ignore that and carry on pretending what they don’t know won’t hurt ’em. But that’s all rot and we know it.

I can’t help but think of that time when “she” did not stand up for you when “they” literally ostracized you from the family. How convenient it was at the time, when they had all but squeezed the life out of you. Simply because they had opted to turn a blind eye to “his” shenanigans.

How disgusting. The family knew that A is up to mischief and has always been. B catches him red-handed and before B can do anything about it, A attacks B publicly, behind B’s back. The rest of the alphabets prefer to take A’s word, even though they actually believe B because they are afraid of A. In their warped and selfish mind, the relationship with A is more important. It is okay to hurt B. And anyway, false accusations are nothing new for B, who has always been the punching bag that everyone vented on.

Now B had no idea about what A did and was very surprised when that arm of the family simply avoided her.

After all, the family policy was…United we stand with our heads in the sand.

ignorance is bliss

How did you tolerate being B, Mi? But I know you. What is funny is you did not even want to know the reasons. I don’t blame you. After all, the only relationship besides the default blood connection was that of being used to do the dirty work – mending, cleaning, cooking, babysitting. Now, that, we could easily do without. So did you want to know exactly what transpired to result in this hostile situation with them? No. You told me, “ignorance indeed is bliss. Who wants to know? Not me.” When I asked you why, because as usual – curiosity was killing me and moreover, I could never stand leaving anything half-done – you simply said that there is a God, and you really couldn’t care less about the details.

Still, I couldn’t leave it. Years later – blissful years later – because we were no longer in touch with “them”, “she” decided to tell me. Perhaps she was furious with A over something else and felt that it was safe to cry on my shoulder. We were in her town to attend to the last rites of Uncle. You decided to stay on a few more days, but I had to get back as we had just moved into that city and were expecting the truck with our things and had to complete the formalities over the house we had rented.

At the time, I was mildly surprised when she volunteered to drop me at the station. Because I had my bouncy one and a half year old baby in my arms, she said. But that wasn’t it. I did not need an escort in the city I had college-d and had started my career – and which I knew like the back of both my hands. Still, nice gesture, I thought. Just as the train was pulling out, imagine my stunned shock when she walked along and quickly spewed out the truth.

As the train picked up speed, I waved to her until she was out of sight and hugged my baby close, who couldn’t figure out why the tears were streaming from my eyes and why my mouth was smiling and then burst into outright laughter. I suspect the others in the coach looked at me warily, but the little laddu in my arms simply joined me in my mirth.

I’ll bet “she” was thinking, ignorance is bliss.

Who was she kidding though? Herself? Others? Or both?

Not you. Not me.

A’s wife had preferred to take shelter in her ignorance, happily blissful about not knowing he had a ball whenever he traveled. She was happy he came back to her. What kind of existence is that? And when others tried to tell her, she got mad at them, not A. Pathetic.

I have to confess, though, that ignorance is bliss. See, I am terrified of lizards. The other day I sensed one come in through the window in my peripheral vision. Before I could do anything it just disappeared behind the bookshelf. Now I am pretending it is not there. And I’ll bet the lizzie is having a good laugh.

Oh yeah, ignorance is bliss.


“Facts do not cease to exist because they are ignored.” – Aldous Huxley, Complete Essays 2, 1926-29


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5 thoughts on “If Ignorance Is Bliss, Why Aren’t More People Happy

  1. It’s crazy, how people find ‘soft targets’ to pin their problems on. Like recently, the neighbour claimed paint had fallen on her car – parked at least 6 feet away from our window – supposedly on her front windscreen while the back glass was spotless. She knew and we knew it was from the building next door, where they were undertaking an painting of the outside, but we were the soft targets – because the guy next door is hostile.
    I certainly feel awful that your Mum and you had to go through all that crap!

    1. We meet people like that all the time, Corinne, but when it happens inside the family, it tastes worse. It never occurs to them that the white paint they use on themselves will one day wash off, and their true colors will shine through. I found it so hard to write this post, you know?

      Thank you. I know you understand. Hugs!

  2. Vidyaji ,i am very scared of lizards but if it enters , all hell breaks loose and I rest only when I have driven it out.

  3. I think for some people feigning ignorance is their way of coping with the terrible things that happen in their own lives. They obviously don’t want to face them so they find soft targets to transfer the blame to. You are right! The universe does not cease moving, but sometimes not being aware is good just like that cheeky lizard :).

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