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I Knew It Was My Last Day There

I knew it was my last day there, Mi. I dressed formally even though I knew it would be a relaxed day at office. It would be a happy-sad day, reminiscing about good times. As I felt the love and heard the “I’ll miss you’s”, I thought, how lucky I am. I knew I was going to miss all this, yet I was happy. I knew I was stepping into a new experience, a new space, a new role, one that I would never resign from. One where promotion was guaranteed. From daughter to Wife to Mom. A full heart.

Today’s prompt is:

“I knew it was my last day there”

And now let’s continue our conversation, Mi.

So Vidur’s school reopened today after a ten day break, one of those God knows where it went types as he was sick from the third day off. It is a good thing we did the sweet corn manchurian and brinjal slices on the first and second day! On day 3 his throat got rapidly worse – you know how it is. As our luck would have it, Dr P was out of town and expected back only today. So I went by his prescription. V is still not fully okay, but what to do? As if the holidays were a time for relaxation! He was buried in homework from the time he woke up to about 5 pm with a break for a bath and food. Even school days may have been better, since their day is punctuated with play and chat. Arrgh.

You know, every day I have to smile to myself, remembering all the things you said, that I would scoff at. One of these things is manifestation, Mi. In this instance, le boyz insisted I bought a new laptop. I agreed, because the one I am using is becoming senile. I was chatting with Ravi, discussing the configuration and joking asked him to come over and take me shopping. Guess what? That’s exactly what we did, as he was scheduled to visit for a conference last week. The new laptop is nice, wider screen and built in camera. So Vidur and I timepassed taking photos of ourselves. Then he said, if Paati were here, all three could have fit in this screen and I looked at him….and our eyes filled up. We hugged. What else could we do?

I’ve promised to make besan halwa for V today. Best medicine for cold, no? I’ve also got some podalanga. Thinking of you, you know. How we used to love the kootu. I also have many coconuts, so I thought I’d grate a couple and add to the food.

snake gourdOther plans for the coconut are: thenga poornam with jaggery, maybe a sweet, avial of course, but mostly freshly grated to curries. By the way, coconut powder is available at Reliance now, you know. The day before yesterday when we went to buy curd, they had a BOGO, which was very gratifying. A couple of weeks ago I bought Aachi badam powder, also a BOGO but I am not excited about it. MTR badam powder is the best, next to the real almonds. V soaks badams every night and we all religiously eat it in the morning. You’d be so proud, no?

So anyway, I have to go replenish my prescription at the Kottakkal Arya Vydya Shala today. I think the swelling looks a little better. The boring thing is the tablets. Three large ones before breakfast and dinner and one after bf and din. By the time I swallow the three with water, I feel I’ve had a meal. I think of you, during those days when you had to take those AKT-4s. It seemed like you were swallowing tablets all day, what with the lung fibrosis medications and all the other stuff. By the way, one of the before food tablets tastes just like spoiled coffee decoction and makes it a point to get stuck in my throat and burns. But no pain no gain, eh? Sigh.

See what I’ve got up in your room / V’s room.

Kwikdeko wall decals giveaway Vidya Sury
On the wall near the bed

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10 thoughts on “I Knew It Was My Last Day There

  1. is that the wall decal? very pretty. love reading your letters to your mom. always makes me feel so warm inside. sometimes makes me wanna cry.

  2. Last day at office is always bitter-sweet isn’t it?
    Beautifully written!

    I hope your son is feeling better now.

  3. I could relate to this on so many levels. I would have had a day like this if I hadn’t been forced to go on bed rest when I was 7 months pregnant for my daughter. My doctor took me off work until the baby was born, and since I wasn’t planning to return my last day was a surprise and bittersweet. Wonderful job on the prompt. Brilliantly written. ♥

  4. I like your take on the prompt, but the rambling after the 100 words is always better! I didn’t know the laptop story – what fun! 🙂

  5. Dear Vidya-ji
    This is a lovely prompt where you wrote straight from the heart. I bow to parents who sacrifice their career for children and the rambling is simply fab:)

  6. I’m enjoying this prompt. There are so may ways to say goodbye. Loved your take. I’ve done this too so was with you all the way. The letter after that was a wonderful bonus.

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