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Some retrospection

I was reading Farnoosh’s latest post today and it really got me thinking. Oddly, I had begun to muse about how seriously lucky I am right now. While Japan is suffering from the effects of the Tsunami and the earthquake, and people have lost homes and are searching for their families and survivors, here I am – living in my own house with a loving family, enjoying good food, a couple of nice job. About the only serious worry I had was of a severe infection that had me running to the doctor (who is across the street) – who put me on a week’s medication and assured me I’d live. 
On the other side, there are news items about luxury hotels for dogs   The world wags on alive.
I remember when we first heard the news of the Tsunami that devastated India’s coastline.  Couldn’t stop sobbing at the way the trucks brought unidentified bodies and stacked them for people to find their kin. Dead children were the worst to see. How many dreams and how many lives just broken because of nature’s fury.
I remember Mom hugging me and saying soothing words that I don’t remember now. What I do remember is resolving to give as much as I can. In words and deeds. Because I was grateful to be alive. With close family and friends who care. It struck me, for the millionth time, how the stuff we worry about as we go about our daily routine is trivial in the bigger picture. 
Natural disasters are a lesson in tolerance for all of us. About how not to crib about petty things. About how to be reasonable and more accepting of people and their actions. About how to see the positive stuff in everything. How to appreciate relationships even if there are glitches – how to forgive and certainly forget the negative part and move on. Sometimes it is difficult, because we all see problems in proportion to our expectations of life…still, no harm trying to be happy. 
After all, as a wonderful person once said – “happiness is not a goal, it is a process”- or was it “not a destination, but a journey” – can’t remember where I read it. Makes sense, though, does it not?
I am grateful for what I have.

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