A Rush Of Memories

A Rush Of Memories

A rush of memories

I have a little sister
I do not know her name
We do share a parent
Well, that’s a bloody shame

One day I was waiting
For the dean to return
Idly contemplating
The mystic bamboo fern

Just then I saw two men
They walked towards me
I thought, what have we here…
Could this really be?

For one of these misters
Whose face resembled mine
Triggering Mom’s blisters
smarting, soaked in brine

He was daddy dearest
Someone I’d never seen
And really, to be honest
I was curious, not keen

And my father, he spoke
As we continued to linger
His voice, a croak
When he delivered his zinger

My daughter is in town, he said
She’s a very lovely girl
I listened with a frown
Seeing the mystery unfurl

He continued to rave
In words I found no lustre
Well, she was his fave
Even though she was my sister


Strangely I felt nothing
We were strangers in the night
Not really weird
As I now saw the light

I got back home eventually
As the day neared it’s end
I asked my folks  “guess who I met!”
And drove them around the bend

They said this, they said that
Finally implored “Do tell!”
And when I told them who it was
They chorused, bloody hell!

I found it somewhat funny
To bump into him like this
The stuff life has in store
A series of hit and miss


I mused over the event
I sat in my armchair, curled
I laughed, I cried, I wiped my tears
Truly, it’s a small world!

I thought about the stories
and what my Mom went through
The burning, the beating
The wounds black and blue

She carried on with life
She bore it in silence
Until a blessing in disguise
Put an end to the violence


She was the best a Mother could be
She showered me with love
She taught me not to hate
And be sweet as a dove

The years went by, living
She made sure I learned
That what really mattered
Were smiling and giving

She said “bear no grudges,
Vidya, there’s just one life
Enjoy each precious moment
Kindness rules, not strife.

Be strong


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