Coffee With Mi

Mi, I toast you with a tumbler of freshly brewed kaapi!

Oh, those little things!

So, Mi, this moment, I believe there is a God. I was making a list of things to do as I’ll be busy the next three days. One of them was the staple dosa milaga podi. I was trying to figure out when to fit in the roasting and grinding as the last couple of days brought some unexpected total kitchen cleaning.

Wait, I’ll begin at the beginning; is it not a good place to start?

So. the weekend came and went – it was hectic as all of us were busy finishing work after the nice Ganesh Chaturti festival we had. You know, the kozhukattais came out perfect. I told you I’d feel your presence, and I did, every moment.

These days, on festival days, Vidur does the puja. He sincerely reads the entire thing from the puja vidhaanam book – he has some patience eh! I made kozhukkattai, vadai, beans curry with grated coconut and nimbu rasam. Then of course our traditional ammini kozhukkattai. Everything came out very well and the best thing was the appreciative audience. 🙂 Oh, we wished you were here to enjoy the day with us and reminisced about the last one when you were there!

Onward, the day finished on a cozy note and we segued into Saturday. Vidur had full day school followed by music class. Later at night, I wound up the kitchen as usual. When I went to get some water before I went to bed, I was stunned to see one cockroach. And what really freaked me was it came in through the window! Ewwww. Of course I decimated it.

But it was a worried me who went to bed. How the little things freak us out and give us nightmares!

The next day being Sunday, I did not want to disinfect with everyone at home. So boring to spend Sunday cleaning! So anyway, on Sunday night, I spotted one more. I couldn’t wait for Monday morning.

Bah, the price we pay for disgusting neighbors. So – unscheduled maintenance happened on Monday after everyone left. You know me. 🙂 I got into it with a vengeance. HIT is my new best friend, Mi. It doesn’t smell as strong as Baygon and so, that made it a lot easier. I moved everything and sprayed and later, cleaned up. I continued doing this on Tuesday, as you and I both know it is not a one day affair. Today, I am kind of satisfied with the feeling of a job well done.

Still, the list is there to do, isn’t it?

Thus, fancy my happiness when I went into the pantry to collect the ingredients to roast….only to find a bottle full of dosa milaga podi! I immediately recalled that when I made it last week, I had packed the excess in a bottle. Oh, I tell you – what a relief it is. This will last us another week at least.


I am grateful for the little things that most certainly make up the big things, Mi!

Today, on my list of Wednesday Wishes

a/ I pray for peace for Tina’s family who lost her suddenly.
b/ I wish for a magic wand that will transform our house into a spotlessly clean, everything-in-its-place and space to spare place. Eh. Not really 😉 Half the fun of life is cleaning, no?
c/ I wish the problem with the neighbor upstairs is solved. It is not difficult, really. Sigh.

And of course, I wish every wish on Claudya’s list comes true.

I am enjoying my sugarless kadak coffee now with sugarfree masala crackers. Very nice they are, with omam and jeera flecks.  Thinking of you and Tanu.

little things vidya sury

Linking with Claudya of Unknown Mami’s Wednesday Wishes linky – a weekly reminder to acknowledge and manifest the abundance that the Universe has to offer! Join us, won’t you?


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