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Teachers Day

teachers day

“Even without a room full of students, you still have a lot of class!” You are my first Teacher, my mentor, Mi. I have fond memories of you getting worked up over what to wear for Teacher’s Day in your school. Your colleagues and you would plan ahead and go...


Neighbors. A Mixed Blessing

It has to be a love-hate thingy Mi. Yeah, yeah, I know you hate the word hate. Me too. But in this instance, I really need a stronger word, you know? The upstairs atrocity is becoming worse by the day. First it was water seeping through from upstairs. Went crazy...


One More Goodbye

I think we’re God’s favorite family right now. First, we got news of Aunt passing away unexpectedly. Then I’ve been sick as a dog. Some people would jokingly suggest the feminine gender of that little word. Ha. Now today, I was shocked to hear that V’s son committed suicide. Depression....


A Rush Of Memories

vidya sury

A rush of memories I have a little sister I do not know her name We do share a parent Well, that’s a bloody shame One day I was waiting For the dean to return Idly contemplating The mystic bamboo fern Just then I saw two men They walked towards...


My Little Sister

I fondly kept telling you, Mi, that in our next life, you shall be my little sister. I’d promise to protect you from all those who bullied you, made you cry and tried to rob you of your self-respect with false accusations you never bothered disputing. And then one day...


That’s What Friends Are For

Mi, this post was brewing in my head anyway and it is sheer coincidence I am writing it today close on the heels of a most satisfying conversation I had with Tanu. Here’s an edited transcript for you. (T is Tanu and Me is obviously yours truly!) ♥ T: Hi...


Blog Action Day #humanrights #bad2013 #Oct16

Courtesy of:   You know, Mi, when I saw the theme was Human Rights for this year’s Blog Action Day (October 16, 2013), a day after your official birthday (October 15) I was contemplative. I watched the following video and my eyes filled up because what they’re showing is...

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