Coffee With Mi

Mi, I toast you with a tumbler of freshly brewed kaapi!

Teachers Day

“Even without a room full of students, you still have a lot of class!”

You are my first Teacher, my mentor, Mi. I have fond memories of you getting worked up over what to wear for Teacher’s Day in your school. Your colleagues and you would plan ahead and go out for lunch. I also remember days when everyone would come home at Paati’s insistence. Pleasant times!

I recall sitting by the window and waiting to see you walk down the lane leading to our house, eager to see if you got me that weird egg shaped candy from the bakery. Or a piece of chalk to draw. Or guavas. Or something.

I hold the lessons you taught me close to my heart. I am grateful that I had the opportunity to work with you, study with you. What joy when we both fervently studied for our respective exams, me for my MBA and you for your M.Ed. You kept insisting you wouldn’t but finally gave in and completed the formality of going through the exams.

When I called Vidur this morning, he wished you and his Daddy and then me, for Teacher’s Day. I still laugh at his “Mata Pita Guru Devi”. What a funky sense of humor!

I am going through my treasure box of your letters and enjoying reading them all for the nth time. Full of loving advice. And how you dished out quotes to me! I love you for that because now I am a regular quote junkie.  Can’t get enough of them. They are such a great source of inspiration.

Happy Teacher’s Day, Mi. I do not know a better one!

Here’s a song you loved to hear me sing!

Hello, Teachers!
And how are you today,
It’s lovely to see
The smile on your face
And spark in your eyes!
It’s Teacher’s Day
And we have gathered here
To wish you cheer
All through the year
Forever and aye!
Our hearts can never tell..
Our words do not as well
Express all that we feel, Teachers dear!
But we are here alright
To sing with heart and voice
Hello, Teachers dear!
Hello, Teachers dear!

Yes, I know I substituted Teacher for Mother! Same difference!

And you know why I am late, right? It is “Be late for something” day. Truth. No lie.

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