Coffee With Mi

Mi, I toast you with a tumbler of freshly brewed kaapi!

A Treat

And the day dawned bright and clear today. It is good to be back home, even though I was only gone for three days. Today is the big day when Vidur’s music school celebrated their annual Smriti Divas in memory of Pandit V N Bhatkande and VD Paluskar.

Today is also the day when Vidur performed a Hindustani classical song as well as a thumri. He was wonderful. My heart swelled with pride as my hands sometimes trembled in emotion, holding the recording device.

I was thinking, what a long way we’ve come. I shed tears thinking of the first time, years ago, when we started a little later after Sury and Vidur left for the function, only to sadly realize you could not get into the autorickshaw and regretfully opted to stay at home. I smiled through my tears remembering how Vidur would readily sing for you, and the recording he made for your birthday.

We had the most enjoyable evening – the guest artist, just three years older than Vidur was simply amazing. We had planned a stay for a few minutes of his performance and leave, but his voice kept us glued to our seats. Manohar Patwardan is definitely going places! Such a delight to experience his voice!

We returned home around 9ish and had dinner – I had cooked before we left at 2.30 pm, luckily.

By the way, there’s a mini Tirupati style temple on 16th cross close to Chowdaiah Hall. We’ve passed it so many times but haven’t actually gone inside. Either it is closed when we are around there, or there’s not time as we’re en route somewhere! We plan to visit it soon though! Imagine – we always miss going to the places nearest to us!

Reminds me of all the times we regretted not taking in the sights whenever I traveled on work! Interestingly, the only place we actually did it was when I took you along to Tirupati! What a trip it was! I am laughing to think how someone suggested chocolate as a cure for a loose tummy! Sigh! Those were fun times!

Incidentally, I bought a vathakozhambu mix on a whim. Stupid of me really – why would I do that when I make it so well? It is just that someone mentioned that the Adayar Anand Bhavan’s mix is really good. So imagine – I bought it…and tasted it and got launched like a rocket! So hot! No way we can use I plan to gift it to someone who can stomach it.

And before we know it, the dosa milaga podi is nearing the end and I have to get roasting and grinding. Planning to make a few more podis. Oh gosh, I have pudina in the fridge! Let me get to work with a dose of coffee to fuel me!

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