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Today is K for Kishore

This morning we enjoyed Kishore Kumar’s songs on Vividh Bharati  as a tribute to his birthday and were recalling the fun we had watching all those K for Kishore episodes. What a versatile and uninhibited artist right from the 40’s through eternity!! There will never be another like him! Happily remembered all the wonderful times spent listening to cassettes of Kishore’s songs.

It would be way too ambitious of me to make a Kishore favorite list – as that would be quite endless. But am really glad we’ve got a huge collection of Kishore movies. That “Chalti ka naam gaadi” songs – with my favorite “Ek ladki bheegi bhaagi si” – is an anytime watchable movie.

Then “Badti ka naam dhaadi” was another laugh riot from start to finish. Kishore excels in the ridiculously funny, which is probably why we get off with a 100% mentally happy feeling after watching any movie of his.  The Dev Anand tape alone has some of your most favorites. Then there is my Padosan favorite:

I recall seeing this movie first in Usha theater in Andheri when I must have been about eight years old. That is my first actual memory of  “seeing” Kishore Kumar and not just hearing his songs.  And remember how frequently Doordarshan would air the movie “Jhumroo”? We never bothered to see the whole movie because it was on so often. And now – when we finally got a DVD – the end was missing! Here’s another gem from Jhumroo:

Those days when we’d wait for Ameen Sayani’s Binaca geet mala on Wednesday, I’d be so eager for that Jai govindam jai gopalam song by Kishore (from Aansoo aur muskaan) and Zindagi ek safar hai suhana from Andaaz.

(thank you, for the image)

I am going to be listening to Kishore Kumar all day long today – with Sury probably singing along with most of the songs. What pleasant memories!

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