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Mi, I toast you with a tumbler of freshly brewed kaapi!

To do do do list

Yeah, one of those days, Mi. Funny thing is, when I go to bed, I lay there making grand plans, adding things to my before 10 am list–most of which is kitchen-fridge. With summer here, the fridge is groaning with the juices and fruits and cold water and curd and yogurt and idli batters and milk and and and and….

So it is a constant juggle to make sure that everything is “current” and up to date. See that pun? Ha! Although these days, I make it a point to park a stool there before I open the fridge. After three hours in the kitchen when I bend to look into the fridge, my knees groan and my head spins. Crazy!

This morning I think I looked hilarious with a towel turbanned around my head because it is so irritating to keep wiping off that sweat running down the sides of the face. Well if sports people wear headbands, cooks need them too, right! Oh wait, they do have their version with the chef’s hat. Hmm. Not so posh, so I simply wrap the towel around my head like a headband. I can’t find that red towel for the eera thundu so I am using that white checked one – remember the ones we got in 8th cross. So wonderful. Never saw those again. Sigh.

Now I am sure you’re curious about all the chinchuku pinchuku tasks of this morning. For lunchbox I made arbi curry and roti. Then peeled pomegranates. We’re buying banana rarely these days because the poor things wilt so quickly and look miserable. Same with apples. So pomegranates it is. I rather enjoy peeling them every morning. Very therapeutic you know.

Then I peeled the papaya. Yeah, that’s a job. Then diced it and packed it off into the fridge. I had ordered some groceries and yogurt which we don’t get in our area. Sadly some of the yogurt containers had leaked so that was a task to identify which ones and return them. Then I washed the rest of it and kept it to drain and dry before putting it in the fridge.

Coming to the fridge, I cleared out all the don’t wants and to be consumed stuff. Looks like another feast for lunch today! Ha ha! Then I rearranged things back more neatly. It all starts nicely, but give it two days and things are stuffed wherever they’ll fit. I just hate that. Yes, yes, smile away!

Finally thought I’d settle down to work when I heard a “chulllll” sound just as I made my way to the desk. Gosh, a tubelight standing against the wall in the corner, nudged by the curtain landed on the floor. Mi, it’s amazing how many pieces that tubelight shattered into. And they were EVERYWHERE! Because it broke in the area outside the kitchen, the pieces managed to spread into both bedrooms, the puja room and the living room! Kitchen was saved because it is one step higher. UGH! Oh well I cleaned up the mess.

Booted the laptop, decided to chat with you before starting work. Have a deadline today and this assignment is time-consuming. Wish me luck. I don’t know what madness made me think I could post on five blogs this month, but the thought was very exciting. I will keep up with four–and maybe slack off a bit here. But you know you are always on my mind, laughing with me.

By the way, while peeling the arbi, I fondly remembered those days when Vidur would not allow us to use the arbis that looked (to him) like ganeshas, peacocks, ducks,  and other creatures. So cute, no?

Okay. Off to work. I will be ranting to you in my mind, though, right? He he.

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