As usual, I took a break today to look at some old photos. You know how it is – look at one, and it triggers a few more albums…and memories that surround the photos.

Today I was looking at our Dharamsala trip photos.

What a lovely trip it was – we covered so much in six days! The whole trip came about like this. Vidur actually had ten days without an exam.

Sury was to travel to Chandigarh for a student’s viva and suggested that we all go – since we had no idea when our next trip together might happen. Who knew that our next trip together would be back to the same place, but this time to enrol Vidur there!

Anyhoo, we had a rather glorious trip and I relived the days, remembering conversations and places as I scrolled through the photos – about 2000 of them. As you can tell, I couldn’t get enough of the place!

I lost count of the number of times we said “if only paati was here!” When we saw the snow clad mountains..when we visited the temples, when we saw the gorgeous lakes, the landscape…why, even when we checked into our room, we noticed there was enough space for all four of us and sort of pretended you were there.

We reminsiced about that lovely trip south when we stayed in the railways guest house with the massive luxurious room overnight! We played snakes and ladders – wow. What fun that was! We had cleverly left our luggage in the luggage locker which was on the same platform as the train we were taking back home, so that it would be easier to lug around.

As we relaxed by the French window watching the morning mist lift to welcome the sun’s rays, we thought about all those days – and carried you in spirit to all the places we saw and enjoyed each day.

The moment we missed you most was the highlight of our trip, when we met The Dalai Lama. That was pure magic.

I always smile to myself about our fantasy of settling down in a house up in the mountains ever since we saw that pretty house up the slope of the hill. Not that we ever hoped to afford something like that, but who cared about that? We enjoyed the “dream”. As we often liked to say – sometimes the process of fantasizing is so much more fun than accomplishment! So many possibilities, so many variations. Sour grapes never tasted so good!

Except, that fantasy doesn’t seem so much like an impossibility.

Except, I am not sure if we’ll follow through with that.

Because, sometimes when we pause to think, and review what we want, even small doses seem enough and bring contentment.

Because, we’ve learned to appreciate the small things.

Like, even half a cuppa coffee.