Coffee With Mi

Mi, I toast you with a tumbler of freshly brewed kaapi!


The ‘flu is visiting us, so the quiet day at home continues as the sounds and smell of firecrackers fill the air outside, Mi.

After a bit of fitful sleep where, in between checking the clock, I dreamed that Pele (yeah, that one!) was chilling in our balcony and I was busy looking for the camera so we could take a pic with him, when I was jolted awake by the alarm. Sure sign that I ought to be up! I got the coffee going. Funny how the same milk and coffee taste a little better some days. Not today, though. Sury had a fever and hardly slept a wink.

The day however dawned – it has a job to do after all, eh?

We didn’t go overboard over lunch – I just made a pongal and a mild onion vathal kuzhambu to go with it – which we quite enjoyed. Then there was the salad, papad and curd as usual. Of course, Sury couldn’t taste a thing and just ate because he had to. Did I tell you that Tuvar dal is like 180Rs. a kilo? Ewww.

One thing about Vidur and Sury, they are both such angels when they’re sick – always appreciative of what I do. The number of thank-yous – so sweet! I always remember how you would insist that we use our courtesy first at home – with the sorry and thank you – something we freely do with strangers but take for granted with those we love, at home, in our family. I love how Vidur follows it sincerely.

I spent part of the afternoon converting some videos for Vidur, then of course I got a bit lost with the old photo albums as I used the desktop computer today for a change. Anyway the laptop keeps freezing and frustrating the crap out of me. I kept imagining that you would appear at the door, it was so eerie. Probably because the house was so quiet….but then it usually is. Must have been all the old photos I was looking at that brought on that ambiance, you know.

I fondly remembered those days when we all sat around watching Vidur do his school projects. We freaked out when he used the scissors to cut and got carried away, trimming off more than he intended and then patching up the picture with sketch pen colors. One of his grade 3 projects – The Zoo – turned out so well! He cut up all the pictures from his Magic Pot magazine. Lovely times. What a steady hand he had with drawing! We used to be so amused to see him walking sedately with his chart all rolled up. And prayed he wouldn’t trip and fall on it. Yep. Good times.

vidya sury memories

I can’t believe he’s going to be 18. I guess I’ll have to grow up a bit too!

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