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Mi, I toast you with a tumbler of freshly brewed kaapi!


Life is like magic, just like you used to say, Mi, although I must confess I never quite believed it. I guess I was too cynical to just accept something like that. But you often said, with your infinite patience that “one day” I would realize many things.  You were right. I did, I still do. I am glad I learned to pass on the same message to Vidur as well.

With the passing of each day, I feel the urgency to fit in as much as I can. Remember how I fantasized about writing an autobiography and even got started with it when I was in the 10th Std? I still have those pages and it feels good to read them now. Not sure if that’s such a good thing … but it is definitely feel-good.

As I am purging stuff, I am also enjoying the process  of discovery. Isn’t it crazy how we don’t look at something for months and years and then when we see it, feel just as excited as when we saw it the first time! Perhaps that is why the clutter-clearing experts advise putting things we don’t use away in boxes and sealing them…and giving them away without opening them. It makes sense.

Yet, I wouldn’t miss the joy of getting lost in a little bit of nostalgia.

vidya sury magic


Take the photo above, for instance. Mounted on a large thick card with the studio’s stamp! Not to miss the fake background! I remember the day we got that one taken. I was in the 7th std, so that makes it 1973.

I’ve always found it hilarious how our folks, who were always laughing, became so frigid and zombie-like when it came to being photographed. Kittu Mama and Manni especially! You, of course look quite contemplative and Babu looks quite serious. I think the only three smiling there are Murlimama, Gopmama and me.  I loved that sari you wore that day – nylex! The material was so popular and I found the slippery fabric delightful – it never got crushed and dried so quickly and best of all, didn’t need to be pressed it before wearing. The standard white and black blouse were the go-to for any sari that didn’t have a matching blouse. I remember that watch strap you are wearing. You know I still have the watch – so precious – it was from the first batch of electronic watches made by HMT.

I always wondered why Paati didn’t join us in the photo. Did she refuse to? Maybe she didn’t want to go with us to the studio!

The outfit I am wearing in the photo – lungies were in fashion at the time and I remember this one so well. You tailored the pretty linen fabric lovingly, carefully sewing all the pleats in place – I loved wearing it because it fit well and was a tad longer than it should have been and somehow that felt exciting. I also loved the white top I was wearing – it used to match my skirts – again the case of the good ol’ universal white that eliminated the stress of finding a matching top.

This photo brings on so many magical memories about that time in our lives.

Such a warm feeling to think that Paati had a best friend – and she invited her son Babu to stay with us for the duration of his training at a new company he had joined. How easy it was to do that, those days! In fact, whenever someone in the family or friends circle had work or a course to attend in our city, we took it for granted they would stay with us and they just blended in as part of the family. Athithi Devo Bhava.

Murli mama. How cute that he’s in our photo! I still laugh to think of how we met that family! And then how close we became. I wish Prakash mama had also joined us in this photo!

I love the magic of life. The memories make me smile, Mi. I just wish you were here for us to share and laugh together.

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6 thoughts on “Magic

  1. Do clutter-clearing experts really advise sealing things in their boxes and giving them away? That seems cruel. Just because you haven’t “used” them doesn’t mean they don’t have value. If had done that with this picture, you may not have been able to relate these beautiful memories so easily.

    1. I know, right? Not that I am ever going to follow that advice! And you’re spot on about this photo. What’s a little clutter compared to so much joy? 🙂 Thank you Nate. How’s the fiction class going?

  2. Every time I think I will go see on of your blogs, this one comes to my mind first. Some day I will tell you in detail how much your posts such as these inspire my own writing. And how you helped me break a mental block of my own 🙂
    I am still there in the photo studio with these fake serious poses of your family 🙂

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