Coffee With Mi

Mi, I toast you with a tumbler of freshly brewed kaapi!

Espresso Coffee With Mi

From the machu pichu brought down the espresso, Mi. I remembered the first time we got it and made coffee on the kumuti with it. Just thinking of that makes me laugh now. It used to be my job to poke at the holes in the sieve that went into the base of the top jar.

I was in the 7th std and we had just moved to Hyd. What glory days they were! Living in that tiled roof house that rained inside every time it rained outside! What a shock it was one night to feel that water dripping on us, rudely waking us from our deep slumber! We kept buckets and utensils to catch the flow and then huddled in another room that seemed relatively better and less wet.

Hmm. Back to the coffee – the ancient filter does the job perfectly and yet we want to time pass with this espresso just for fun. This one Sury got from Italy. The one we had earlier was much larger. How exciting it was to see it spouting the coffee into the top jar!

Oh, talking of morning coffee, I must really start waking up earlier to get stuff done. Otherwise the day just slides past me as I go about the basic routine of coffee-breakfast-coffee-lunch-tea-dinner interspersed with cleaning and time passing with various things.

I am also determined to Clean Up. I am thinking – as I look around – what will I do with all this stuff? I am not getting any younger and neither is Sury. Vidur will soon be off in a few months. So deja vu no? Sigh. And yet it is so hard to actually do the decluttering. I am trying, every day. I’ll get there soon, I hope. I wish you were around to be the voice of reason. Sury is too nice about these things. Moreover he has a hazaar things to do that none of us can share.

I really miss those mornings when I would be up at 5 and sitting to work at 5.15. You would get up to make the coffee at 5.30, draw the curtain aside and nod at me and then, we would sit and enjoy our coffee together before I went back to work. I would get a solid 2 hours in before anyone was up. And I would accomplish more than I would the entire day.

Problem is I sleep pretty late watching those exciting shows and well, waking up early becomes out of the question. But I will change that. A couple of hours of indulgence is just not worth the guilt you know.

On the topic of coffee, I was sitting and enjoying mine yesterday and guess what? In walks a roach from the front door as if to join me for my sacred morning coffee! I was so shocked! Decided to spray the Baygon, just in case it had some fans and followers. Oh, by the way, I don’t know whose stupid idea it was to add fragrance to the Baygon but it is annoying. I preferred the original smell. It is rather like how they add flavor to the children’s syrups and yet the underlying medicine taste never goes away – in fact, makes it worse. Yuck.

Gosh I remembered that lousy house we stayed in for a month in APTBC where we totally had to disinfect the entire house before moving in. Imagine our shock when the landlady opened the connecting door to our house and just walked in! We couldn’t wait to get away from there. Good thing Tanu kept an eye on the AWHO flat and came rushing over. What a relief it was when we moved away from this house to N5. Good times. Adventurous times.

As much as I enjoyed our moves, I can’t even begin to imagine how I’ll manage one now, if I ever had to. I shudder when I look around the house. To think that most of it is thanks to me does not help at all. Sury and Vidur are both such minimalists. I wish some of that would rub off on me! At least I have stopped buying stuff. The only shopping I do these days is grocery and veggies. No indulgent time pass purchasing. Earlier, I did buy a lot of clothes but have stopped. I haven’t’ got anything for the last one year, unless you count the masks we wear. Hehehe.

And thus life goes on, Mi. I am constantly thinking of you for encouragement as I gear up every morning to clear something out.

I probably deserve my coffee now.

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