Memories from another day . . .

Blissing Out

Blissing Out

I had the most lovely surprise, Mi. Guess what Vidur gifted me for my birthday? A portrait of you. I was choked, I tell you. I fought back the tears as he ceremoniously handed it over to me. How very sweet of him, no? I […]

Keeping Up With The Momentum

Keeping Up With The Momentum

The day once again dawned bright and clear, Mi. Very bright and clear, actually, because I overslept. Then I got over the guilt quickly since it is a holiday today, and snuggled in for a few minutes more, eyes open, contemplating, my head busy making […]

Pain and Gain

Pain and Gain

So unlike yesterday, I was up early this morning, Mi. Mainly because my limbs were numb. Then painful. I figured it was better to break that dream with Ppa and Pma and return to the conscious self and get busy. Yes. Crazy busy today. No space for lazy.

So lamp lit, coffee consumed, I got ​started with the study. ​​Gosh, the dust and the mess and the stacks of things had my head spinning. ​So maddening – the things we’ve accumulated! I found myself scolding me. I realized I am smarter than be​fore. I saw the forest, not the trees. ​

​I surveyed, I prioritized and ​got to work.

I love how when I am determined I don’t rest until I am done. The headache I woke up with disappeared, but the rest of the pains – the numbness turned to a war inside my legs and I felt the desperate need to keep moving and active. Around 11ish I took a break to start cooking lunch. I made white pumpkin sambar Mi – and double beans curry. I felt a little tearful thinking of how much you loved that sambar.

The little tearful threatened to become big as I thought of how you would have aided and abetted and joked as we cleaned. And the cups of coffee – I missed that. I also reminisced in my head about the salad platter you’d prettily arrange so I could fortify myself. Ah well, I am doing that every day now. Even if it is for me, I like to arrange it colorfully on my plate. Vidur, as usual likes to eat each veggie separately. How does it matter!

While cleaning I came across my old notebook, with just a few pages used. I laughed to think I bought it in 1997. Sury had written notes in some pages…and Vidur in a few. I was stunned to see how well he wrote the story of Jack and the Beanstalk in March 2003 – he was just 5 years old! In fact, his spelling for words like “instead” and “stranger” are perfectly right! His story is accompanied by his sketches and they look so cute. I decided to use the book as I need one anyway – the one I am using now has only a couple of pages left.

So nostalgic! Then there was a writing pad where he’s written​ a day by day account of our trip to the northeast in 2012. I’ve kept it out to read it.

That’s the best part of cleaning. Needless to say, I enjoyed looking at what I discovered​, finished the dusting​ and postponed the rest of it to tomorrow.

I’ve been sweating like crazy all day and my hair…ewww. Wet with sweat. I went to the terrace in the evening and dried it out. And now, it is back to being damp. Don’t know why. Just can’t stay out of the fan’s radius!

​Just hoping tomorrow’s a better day. I’ve been very mentally dull today. Must be the pain, no?

The good news is I go to bed earlier these days. See – always a silver lining!​


A Lazy Busy Day

A Lazy Busy Day

Today was one of those lazy-busy days. Not crazy-busy, like the usual. I woke up as usual and energized after the quiet and leisurely tumbler of coffee, I was inspired to quickly make a plan for writing. I am not sure when I became a […]

Neighbors. A Mixed Blessing

Neighbors. A Mixed Blessing

It has to be a love-hate thingy Mi. Yeah, yeah, I know you hate the word hate. Me too. But in this instance, I really need a stronger word, you know? The upstairs atrocity is becoming worse by the day. First it was water seeping […]

Saraswati Lives With Us

Saraswati Lives With Us

It is Saraswati Puja today Mi…and here we were, assuming it was tomorrow. Result? Not ready to celebrate! Can you imagine? Because we haven’t shopped for all the trappings​ – flowers, fruits, etc etc. Then Vidur suggested we celebrate it tomorrow. Yes, aren’t we great at rescheduling things according to our convenience? So we’ve decided to go by that. In the meantime, work IS worship, right? Yep.

So we were up bright and early and went ahead with our plan of cleaning up the house. With all the stuff we’ve been up to the past couple of weeks we didn’t have time to do the festival sprucing up. We’ve started off today – also, I am conscious of giving myself until October 31 to donate, dispose or decide what to do with a lot of our stuff. Crazy how it all piles up.

Did I tell you that we did a Lakshmi Puja as part of the Navaratri celebrations last Sunday? I made kabuli chana sundal for the prasadam and after the puja they all sang happy birthday to me. So sweet! Then there’s the visiting for golu and vethla paak.

By the way, these days, most people invite via email or the phone. Remember how you used to be amused about people not bringing kum kum to invite? Now they’ve done away with the coming home and inviting. If we bump into each other outside, well and good. If not – phone or text or Facebook message! Oh, how can I forget WhatsApp!

Far cry from those days when we would plan ahead, make lists of whom to invite for the golu – what to wear, which sundals to make every day. Even more exciting, practice with our song books as we were expected to sing in all the houses we visited. Also, we’d visit people every day. Now they only invite on a particular day. Lifestyle changes – and who has the time or patience to entertain guests consistently for 9 days, eh?

The dolls are so expensive this year. I was shocked to see sets of dolls for Rs.5000 upward! I was secretly worrying over how they’ll store it you know – the dolls have to be preserved carefully and kept safe for a whole year before they are out again and joined by a new collection!

But what a joy it is to see golus – I have such lovely fond memories of those days in Kalyan Nivas when we kept 16 steps! What a wonderful family activity it was – getting all the trunks down from the attic and unwrapping the dolls – and then touching up the ones that needed a makeover with paint. That Krishna statue went through so many transformations at home! Wonder where it is now!

Strangely I am not guilty about postponing the celebrations to tomorrow. Of course I will sneakily make payasam and do the neivedyam today. Atoning for forgetting. Cha! How could I not look at our Murugan daily calendar! When Sury tore off yesterday’s date and read out what was written on today’s sheet as usual, we all had a bit of a jolt.

God lives in our house throughout the year, eh? Especially Saraswati, Mi. So what if I don’t use the name. I was christened Vidya Saraswati, no?

Here’s one of Vidur’s impromptu sketches…Saraswati1

For my part, I am happy we had our coffee together this morning! What can be better than that!