I was enjoying a cup of steamed sprouts last week, Mi. I thought I bit something a bit harder than it should have been and assumed it must be a stone that I had missed in the sprouts. You know how it is – even though we sift and clean and think we’ve checked it, there’s always the one that’s camouflaged and gets away. Into our mouth. Most uncomfortably and with a crrrrrunch. And so it did this time, too. In my mouth.

However, the crrrunch as it turned out wasn’t a stray stone. It was a part of my tooth! Eeeks. I had a root canal the year before last and the dentist pronounced it un-cappable and left it as it is, with just a filling. It bore the brunt of anything I ate until giving up last week. Sadly the sprouts turned out to be its last straw. Oh well I thought.

The problem now is, the remnants of the tooth have been eroding slowly and the day before yesterday, I woke up with the inside of my right cheek feeling rather raw. Turns out the reduced tooth now has a sharp point that keeps grazing the wall, keeping the ulcer fresh.

Sigh. Another visit to the cosmetic dentist long beach office to have that evened out. So annoying eh. Then while talking to T she had to bring up the picture of horses’ teeth being sawed at, tongue pulled to one side, lips back and teeth bared. Not funny but yes, we laughed until we… you know what I mean!

Funny thing though. Yesterday I was looking for something in the chest of drawers in your room and came across the dental mould the doc asked you to keep. One might think I’d throw it away, eh? Hmm. Maybe I will. We also have Vidur’s old dental moulds that ought to be thrown away. Of course I also have some of his teeth carefully preserved in a tiny packet, thanks to his dentist who assumed we may want to make a locket out of it to wear. Why, I’ve no idea.

When I think of teeth, I always remember Vidur’s quiz time. “What is the best time to go to the dentist?” “Tooth-Hurty” (2:30) Ha ha ha.

Life, I tell you!