Ahmedabad. What a lovely city, Mi. Do you remember how we wanted to visit? Unexpectedly I got an invitation for a tour of the Tata Nano factory at Sanand and was urged by my loves to accept – and I did. I am glad I listened.

I thought of you so much as I packed. Today, as I woke up at 2.45 am to get the coffee started so I could leave by 4 am to catch the 6.15 flight, I imagined you hustling me out of the house. I also laughed to myself, thinking of how I had made certain strategic food item and kept them in the fridge for V and S to heat and eat, just in case they didn’t feel inclined to make anything over the next two days.

The rush is usually when V has college at 7.30 am, as that means waking up early and leaving early, too. Of course, you won’t be surprised to know that they manage pretty well. I am also smiling to think that the kitchen sink will be thoughtfully empty when I am back the day after tomorrow.

Gujarat reminds me of your school colleague in Madras whose house we would visit. What yummy snacks they served. Funny thing – how his wife never moved her pallu from her head! I don’t ever remember seeing her face. But so much love in their house. That’s what I kept thinking of. And how well you spoke Gujarati!

We visited the Adalaj stepwell Рso beautiful Рand then went to Sabarmati Ashram after which we had an authentic Gujarati meal for lunch. Very yum.

How I wish we’d gone together! Especially while walking along Law market looking at the street side shops – I imagined you wanting to buy those pretty fabrics and decorations. I fondly thought of your own red mirrored and embroidered bag that you loved so much.

Life does go on, eh? I am looking forward to a fab evening. Today’s highlight was, of course, meeting Ravi, even if only for a short time. I feel so lucky that I have such solid friends permanently residing in my heart.