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From waste to wealth

I made oats idli after ages and it really tasted nice. It reminded me of the first time we ate rava idlis, Mi. On the face of it, it was like upma shaped as idlis – which was basically what it was – except it was steamed after being fermented with sour curds.

Let me tell you why oats idlis. So we usually make the regular ones. Then one day, since the set curds weren’t available, I bought some nandini curd packets. As my lousy luck would have it, they turned out to be super-sour. Couldn’t even turn them into butter milk unless we wanted one eye in a permanent wink. So I emptied the packs to avoid them bloating and exploding in the fridge – I mean, imagine cleaning that mess! Errgh!

I had some vague idea of using it to wash my  hair  and even went so far as to plan that multi-ingredient pack for my hair which requires sour curds. But how much could I use?

I considered mor kozhambu – but even that wouldn’t need this much curd.

Yes, Mor Kali would be good. But only for my tongue and I’d do better to avoid it in my diet. Just thinking of it makes me drool!

So I emptied the packs into a steel container and shut it and put it in the fridge praying that it wouldn’t spill over sneakily. Oh yes – like the idli-dosa batter – in spite of the cold environment. Can’t just keep good bacteria down, can you? Gosh, remember how we’d switch on the kitchen light in the morning, bracing ourselves for the sight of batter spilled over from fermenting too much even though we’d taken care to do it really late at night? Right.

I forgot about this curd sitting in the fridge for a few days, mainlly because I got good curd on my next round to the market. By the way, Nilgiris curd still rocks.

Anyway – then the day before yesterday, I had the dilemma of what to cook. So while rummaging through the “Pantry” I saw the oats idli mix. I had a total “eureka” moment! The recipe asks for sour curd! With a Yay in my heart, I quickly got the mixing bowl out and mmm….. 30 minutes later, we enjoyed steaming oats idlis.

I had a big grin on my face today as I made the regular idlis because I was thinking, sour curd will now be a bonus not a liability – from almost waste to wealth eh?

Nothing to beat the “buttermilk” we used to be served in one particular house eh?

Sigh. Today would have been Kondu Mama’s birthday. I hope the two of you are having fun, wherever you are!

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