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You Only Live Once

You know, Mi, when I hear the children say YOLO – acronym for You Only Live Once, I can’t help but think of the number of times I’ve said the same thing – but in different words – “Only one life to live” – whenever we hesitated to – what’s...


Desserts. Not Stressed

You know, Mi, I make  cake regularly now. I wish you were here to enjoy it with us. Takes 15 minutes you know. Just whip the ingredients together and place the mix in the dish and voila! Five minutes later, our home is smelling of cake. I love it. There...


Fruit Memories

Mi, when I peel these and store the juicy little pearls in an airtight box for later consumption at leisure, I always remember you admiring the color and then, waxing poetic about the benefits of this beautiful, if expensive, fruit. Did you know that right now it is 124 rupees...


My Favorite Teacher

Happy Teachers Day, Mi! You were my first teacher and will continue to be my favorite. I am thinking of you today fondly, recalling how you would plan, with your colleagues, what to wear on Teachers Day for the festivities planned at school. Today, Vidur and I were talking about...


Flour Power

I feel pretty smug about this, Mi. Especially when I think, how, as a child, I would be fascinated by your magic way of rolling out the rotis, one after the other, around fifty of them, perfectly round. Since we usually had phulka roti back then, I was also enthralled...


Holding Back the Tears

This may come as no surprise to all those who know you, Mi. I totally get why you loved cooking so much. The day before yesterday, I was going through your old diary where you’ve sprinkled recipes,  jokes, words of wisdom and um….lots of other things. Well, half the time...

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