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Fruit Memories

Vidya Sury pomegranate

Mi, when I peel these and store the juicy little pearls in an airtight box for later consumption at leisure, I always remember you admiring the color and then, waxing poetic about the benefits of this beautiful, if expensive, fruit. Did you know that right now it is 124 rupees a kilo? Which means if I buy just one, I spend around 30 rupees a fruit. But well worth it, compared to eating chips and chocolates – though, who’s saying no to good bar of dark chocolate, eh?
I recall warm afternoons when Sury would regularly buy these and patiently peel and shell the pearls, over newspaper spread on the floor, storing them in a series of boxes.
Which reminds me of that box of mint Lindts – those luscious tasting wafer thin slices of chocolate that were so addicting.
It is a good thing that Vidur enjoys most fruits – we mostly buy banana and apples. Once in a while I buy pears which I prefer to apples.  Vidur likes oranges but whether we buy those depends on the season, like mangoes. Ah, mangoes. Pulped. Sliced. Juiced. Milkshaked! So yummy. How you would squeeze the pulp in a large container and keep it in the freezer for me! I used to delight in cutting slices of the frozen pulp and enjoying it, one tiny spoonful at a time!
By the way, I wrote a post about our rewind technique at Parentous. What fun we used to have with our own fun and games to practice positive parenting! Blessed to be your daughter!

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  1. Iam following your blog for quite some time. Very touching indeed. Iam running out of words to explain my emotions when i read your blog. Iam sure your AMMA will read your blog; though she is not with you now, her soul will be always with you. You are such a loving daughter..Hats off to you.

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