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Me. Day 10 of the June #FMSphotoaday

It is Day 10 of the June #FMSphotoaday – and the prompt today is “You! : Show us you. Be discreet if you like. Or take a selfie. Or a photo of an old photo. Anything. Just show us you.”

I immediately thought of an old photo you are so fond of, Mi. No idea why – but you’d become all mushy looking at it.  Then I looked at some other photos as well and found there’s a bunch of your favorites. Here we go:

Always wondered what touched you about this photo. Is it the coloring? Is it my silly expression? That ancient housecoat that I wore while cleaning house? Whatever. 🙂

How I look now. Older. Hopefully wiser.

Here is one of my favorites. Remember when it was taken? I was 28.

And then, here is one of OUR favorites. 500 days of being married – and I am holding the celebration gift in my arms.

And that’s it for Day 10.

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Vidya Sury

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6 thoughts on “Me. Day 10 of the June #FMSphotoaday

  1. Lovely pics Vidya. You look so much like your mum in the first picture. Very cute pic of Vidur.

  2. Loved the 28 year old one the most. 🙂 Loved all the pictures. Yes, moms always have a certain fav ones and we have no idea why.

  3. Pretty and pretty interesting pictures. Good one for today. I love that the essence of your blog is never lost no matter what you are posting for.

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