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Desserts. Not Stressed

You know, Mi, I make  cake regularly now. I wish you were here to enjoy it with us. Takes 15 minutes you know. Just whip the ingredients together and place the mix in the dish and voila! Five minutes later, our home is smelling of cake. I love it. There is not a day when I don’t think of you as I mix it. I imagine you giving me tips. And yes, I know you’ll tell me to add the walnuts and cashews in it. But these guys don’t want nuts in it. The first few times I added choco chips, then Nilgiris ran out of them and haven’t replenished their stock. So after the cake is ready, I grate dark chocolate on the surface…and it kind of melts on it in the heat. Nice texture. This one is with choco chips. Funny how dark it looks in the photo, no?

Another favorite is a sort of kaju katli. I heat the khoya with sugar and add grated cashew to it and toss it in the heat until the mixture leaves the sides and, amid a marvelous aroma – the cashew-milk sweet is ready. See:

The dish is now our “sweet” dish. Remember how Vishnu used to see that pan and say “Shwee”? Brings back such lovely memories. Oh, I’ll never forget how he dropped the Bournvita bottle and looked shocked and then did the deed!  Poor baby, barely two years old!

Hmm. Two days ago I made brinjal curry just the way you like it. Remember how you used to make vangibath? I make it often. We all like it – and I add a dash of that “Vidya masala” to it. So comic that we have a jar labeled Vidya. Our visitors would wonder what it was  and you would say it was a secret recipe. Always makes me think of those curry and ghee rice days in Sec’bad.

We barely had cash at the end of the month and made do with a handful of potatoes onions tomatoes and greens which were so cheap. Talking of cheap (oh yeah, talk is also cheap, Mi!) you’ll be amazed to know that basmati rice is cheaper than sona masoori. Sona masoori is Rs.45 per kg. while basmati is Rs.123 for three kgs – so I buy basmati regularly. I also read somewhere that basmati is healthier as it is not polished like the usual rice we cook. Definitely smells good. Occasionally, I also cook the rice in the pan and then the memories just choke me.

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  1. Never knew Vidya , you had another lovely blog …what wonderful way of conversing with your spirited , brave mother and regaling her with your little victories and moments . I am sure she is listening to you and feeling awfully proud of you as you rightly said …hugs to you 🙂

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