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Way back machine

Back in 2001. After I posted that pic of Vidur and me – I had the sudden urge to look at some old pix – and – well – this is a pic that brought back some great memories. He was quite caught up with Mariamma – and I had...


Of this, that and the other

It is a lot of footwork these days, what with either preferring to walk somewhere or taking a bus. Not actually cutting costs, but cutting stress – and I realized that when you do not have your own wheels, it is best to avoid bickering with auto-rickshaw drivers. In spite...


Found it!

Coffee With Mi Vidya Sury

This is so exciting! Thanks to the power cuts, I finally got around to clearing up stuff that I had meaning to sort through. Still in the process, but I was suitably rewarded on Saturday by finding the recipe book my mother wrote! Yummy, Mummy!! Am so happy about this....


Today is K for Kishore

This morning we enjoyed Kishore Kumar’s songs on Vividh Bharati  as a tribute to his birthday and were recalling the fun we had watching all those K for Kishore episodes. What a versatile and uninhibited artist right from the 40’s through eternity!! There will never be another like him! Happily...



Vidur got his results yesterday – First Rank. How I wish you were here to see him. After the class teacher handed over the report card and told me he was first in class, I just couldn’t control myself. I sobbed and sobbed and sobbed. I was thinking – how...

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