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Mi, I toast you with a tumbler of freshly brewed kaapi!

Craving, Musing.

So anyway, I am craving some javvarisi vadam maavu. Remember how you’d make just the batter for me in a small bowl so I could enjoy it? I miss it so much. It is years since I tasted it and I felt so emotional when B’s mom L came up to the terrace to take her dried vadams, Mi. Sigh.
When we did pour out the vadams to dry, I remember how a fourth of it got consumed even before it could dry and be fried. And to think you would be worried about the birds getting at it! Ha!

Little ladles of batter are poured on a clean white cloth to dry in the sun. When dried, they are stored in airtight jars to fry and enjoy as accompaniments or snacks
Little ladles of batter are poured on a clean white cloth to dry in the sun. When dried, they are stored in airtight jars to fry and enjoy as accompaniments or snacks

By the way, while coming back home by bus from Ypur a few days ago, there was this funny old man who looked quite like Lal Bahadur Shastri returned from his grave – his white dhoti, white kurta and the topi – cap he used to wear. He acted as though he was responsible for everyone in the bus. He looked exactly like this, except much, much darker.

Lal Bahadur Shastri
Lal Bahadur Shastri

As soon as I got on, he nudged the conductor to tell him to issue me a ticket. Clearly the conductor was harassed. He was already freaking out over some chap who had asked for the wrong ticket and was arguing with him, trying to persuade him to issue him the right one. Then, “Shastri” tried to urge some guys to get up from the ladies seats. You know how it is in the mornings, all the railway station crowd gets in with luggage. Two stops later, a policeman got in and said if the men didn’t vacate the ladies seats they would be fined Rs.300. So there was a big shuffle and they promptly got up. Shastri kept on babbling. He was so cute, Mi – toothless face and all.

I didn’t sit because there were only a couple more stops to go. But imagine my shock when i turned my face, only to come eye to er…eye with an underarm. Eeks. An underarm, because the girl to whom it belonged was wearing something really tight with really short sleeves, that stopped short of her shoulder, making her …er….underarm almost forcibly spill out when she held the bar above our heads. So – it was an experience to see her underarm hair poking out …or should I say peeking out. As if that weren’t bad enough, it was an assault on my olfactory system. I stopped breathing instinctively. As it is we were all suffering, sweating and here was this woman giving us the experience. Bah! Suddenly I had this uncontrollable urge to laugh loudly and controlling myself, started inching towards the exit so I could get off quickly.

I am due for my follow up tests next week, Mi. Last time those creeps put a little Band-Aid on the venipuncture site and it became a rash! Still have the mark. This time I’ll be doing the whole enchilada – sugar, cholesterol and blah blah. Hoping to see positive change. I know I am doing all that I can. Pray for me, okay?


Ok. So I started writing this last week and am done with the tests. The less said the better. But hey, I got two tiny square rashes where the blood was drawn. Band-Aid rash! Ugh!

I wish I knew then what I know now. That I am allergic to Band-Aid.


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6 thoughts on “Craving, Musing.

  1. You are allergic to band-aids? Are you sure you’ve not developed this recently? Hope your tests only improve each time 🙂 Much love and hugs, Vidya.

  2. First up, all prayers, Vidya. Your tests will say good things. Your efforts with the diet, cinnamon coffee and salad will pay good dividends 🙂 You’re such a positive person 🙂

    Javvarisi vadaamm 😀 I love it 🙂 Even at home when amma makes them, half the spread will never reach the drying stage 🙂 Amma will ask me to guard the vadaams from crows, and I would sit in the terrace ( we had aluminium roof on top , so there used to be shade for me to sit ) with a book, and sneak out to munch on the semi-sticky vadaams drying on the white cloth 😀 The pic brought so many memories back to life 🙂

  3. Hope your tests came out all good 🙂 Be well, my friend.
    That underarm experience is just so….what’s the word I am looking for here? 🙂 Funny isn’t the word. But you know what I want to say, don’t you? 🙂 Traveling in buses can be quite an experience!

  4. its happens so many times…
    once I saw a lady in a bus who looked exactly like my history teacher in school.
    I must have scared her with my stares,that she was forced to come up to me to ask….
    though she smiled when she came to know about the so called resemblance..

  5. I love those vadams – thankfully I had no idea you could eat them raw!
    The LBS story is so cute – I could quite imagine the old boy! And sadly I could even imagine the Hairy Armpit Monster! Yuk!
    Thankfully your tests are good!

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