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Mi, I toast you with a tumbler of freshly brewed kaapi!

Of sweat, laughter and tears

Feels rather sick to get a whiff of our own sweat, Mi. So warm! In spite of those heavy rains a couple of days ago. More like splashing water on a hot griddle! You know, I can’t sit slumped because wherever skin contacts skin, it becomes wet. On the other hand, when I shift positions, the air feels cooler in those places. I saw you wrinkle your nose at me! I loved that expression on your face.

Just the other day I was wondering whether we should have bought that pedestal fan at all – and felt sheepish for not placing it in the kitchen as I had done last year. How silly we are sometimes – we have what we want but don’t remember to use it! When I switch it on before I start the washing up, I wish we had gotten one years ago when you and I had those wet towels working overtime. Mmm.

I am smiling at how you used to wet that towel and wear it like a band around your head in the kitchen. Then you’d wash it with your sandalwood bathing soap and it would smell so nice, we’d all want to use it. Yesterday Vidur was asking me how come I hadn’t started wearing a turban in the kitchen. Yes, I still giggle when I see the pic you clicked of me with the towel around my head!

I am trying very hard to practice my own preaching. Think it is not warm and it wont be. Ha. The more I think the more my mind sweats, I think. I can’t believe there was even a time when this city required us to use warm clothes in May!

And if I am stupid enough to miss bathing before 10.30 am, I get well and truly sterilized.

Mi, every day – I see those huge peepul trees with their fresh leaves and think of you. Oh, they look as if someone has oiled every individual leaf! They glimmer in the sun like a million precious stones and look gorgeous! When one flapped on my face from one of the lower branches, I lovingly plucked it and let the milk ooze from the stalk. I pressed it in the book I was carrying. Imagine my stunned delight when I opened it the next day to see it had dried into a deep red/brown/maroon shade. (pick your color. And stop laughing!).

vidya sury peepul

The other day, one more tree went down – the one outside More where we used to park our bike. I am so upset with More for moving off. Each time I pass that place, which is almost four times a day, I mourn the absence of the store. What is annoying is – that place is still locked up. Almost a year now! What a waste of a fab location.

Oh, I cut my hair. Two days ago, I felt so drowsy I decided to move around and clear up a space. Then my eyes fell on a pair of scissors. To grab it and head to the bathroom was the work of an instant. Ten minutes later, I had six inches less hair. So maybe I look a little freaked out – but here I am. Looking rather zomb-ed out. Sweating, damp hair. Eeesh. Hmm. Also reminds me I must paint around the switchboards eh?

vidya suryReminded me of that time, years ago, when my hair had begun to grow out from that really short boy-cut. Wish I could do that again – but I don’t have the guts. I used to use Vidur as an excuse, but that was a really short time frame. The real reason is me. Can’t imagine me without my hair tied up.

I have a confession to make. I totally missed Ram Navami. When I realized it – it was already afternoon. Thanks to the Hanuman Temple. So I hurriedly made payasam and offered it to God. I firmly believe God always understands. Well, (s)he ought to, no? I have fond memories of how you and Vidur would read a page from the amar chitra katha Ramayana when he was five after you had read the sundara kaandam during the ten days leading to ram navami. I found it so cute. He would feel so important after doing that – and settle down to enjoying the neivedyam of the day.

Life goes on, eh? Last year, today, we were on our way to Toronto and couldn’t wait to see Tanu!

Hmm. So one more New Year will bite the dust tomorrow – April 14.

Incidentally, I’ve begun to enjoy the coffee with cinnamon and look forward to it every day.


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9 thoughts on “Of sweat, laughter and tears

  1. Ah, summer and sweat. How inseparable 😉

    Cutting hair because you were bored! I still cannot come to terms with that 😉

    A warm post from you, as always (pun intended)!

  2. The worst is making chapatis in the sweltering heat! I love that hair cut! been there done that, only not on my own. Last year when baby number two was born, I was so hassled in the heat because I didn’t even get time to wash my hair. off I went to the salon and reappeared an hour later, much to the shock of all my family members, with a crew cut!! 😛

    1. Arrgh. Tell me about it, Gauri! The turban is to keep the sweat from trickling down!

      I did the crew cut just before my son came along 😀 We were in Mumbai at that time and what a great decision it was!

      Thank you for coming over!

  3. It seems like a long time since we had one of these, Vidya. As I recall your Mum had a very expressive face and I can see her wrinkling her nose at you and giggling at you!
    We put a ceiling fan in our kitchen – great to keep on for doing the preparation and the washing up.
    I can see the lovely fresh leaves on the peepul tree from our dining room window. It seemed like just the other day the tree was so full of green leaves that I couldn’t spot the birds! Times and seasons pass so fast, it’s hard to keep track!

  4. It was nice to read… A full summer post! I love the hair cut.. even cut short mine but still I feel sultry because the small small hair and the corner of freshly cut hair are pricking! Finally, even me and my mom (yeah my mom who never forgets ashtami navami) forgot ram navami 😛 and we realized it wen neighbours came to give panagam 😛

    Smile, it makes (y)our day!

  5. I love the warmth of your post in every sense Vidya!
    It is Spring here in Ireland and there a freshness in the air – but it is cold. I sit here with the coal fire burning, still in boots and several layers of clothes 🙂
    Wouldn’t it be great if we could exchange just a little of what we have with each other? A warm balmy day for a crisp breezy one!

  6. I was wrinkling my nose when you said your Mom would, which cracked me up!

  7. You made me giggle so many times! I think you need a big ceiling fan in the kitchen going full blast. LOVE love love your new haircut! You look fabulous, sweaty or not. HA! Wish I could send you a bit of crisp 37 degree weather to cool you off. ♥

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