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Headlines Today

So, Mi. today I’ll begin with the good stuff. I have news for you. All of the headlines variety.

Do you want to know the big news first, or the big news first? Okay, I’ll tell you the news that is closest to your heart.

Vidur is now officially in Class 12. Can you imagine?

Yes, I went with him to school yesterday.

Yes, I cried when they sang and went through their assembly routine.

Oh yes, I cried when they called the top five achievers in Class 11 to hand over their report cards on the stage.

And I laughed through my tears when Vidur, as usual, bowed before he received his. A lovely Mommy moment for me! How the years seem to have whizzed by! Sigh!

Next headline – I went for my follow up tests and they are fine. Of course I have to continue medication, diet and exercise, but I am cool with that. I rather like the diabetes diet! I am also adding that cinnamon to my coffee once a day (Pro, please note!) and liking it!

Also – I’ve just discovered organic tulsi green tea – tastes exactly like the plain tulsi kashayam we used to make! You would have loved it!

coffee with mi teaVidur is having it every day thanks to a throat infection, poor chap. See – I’ve turned him into a black tea drinker – remember how we used to urge him to drink a spoon of the lemon tea and he’d staunchly refuse? Then you would cuddle him and make him sip it. And he’d hold his hand up and say “porum paati, pleeeeease” (enough, grandma, please)

Hmmm. By the way, I cut a huge papaya yesterday. How excited you would be when I did that! We would dream of papaya-breakfasts and snack times! Just the sight of the papaya makes me freak out!

papaya coffee with miI cried when I packed it into that round dubba to keep in the fridge and had it for breakfast also this morning. There’s some more left. I added some milk to it, just like you used to and I cannot deny I shed tears into the bowl, maybe diluting the milk, ha ha. I am going to make an apple smoothie like the one I used to make for you one of these days. The only reason I didn’t get around to it is because it is far easier to eat the apple as it is.

One thing I’ve realized with great force over the past three months is this – the greatest love of all is the one we bestow on ourselves. If we didn’t take care of ourselves, of what use are we to others? You preached it to me, but did not practice. I preached it to you, but did not practice. Truly, we appreciate something the most only when we have already lost it, or are about to lose it.

Oh well. Better later than never, eh? There’s hope for me yet.

I have a tumbler of coffee with cinnamon floating on it.


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19 thoughts on “Headlines Today

  1. Oh! Your Mom would have made a huge deal of this, no? Vidur would have had a whole lot of new books from her. But I’m certain she’s smiling from above.
    I’ve been dying to try out one of those teas and will do so now that you’ve given your seal of approval!
    Congratulations again to Vidur!

    1. Yes, Mom would have made a big deal of this! In fact, if she hadn’t accompanied us to school – she would have made some special sweet for Vidur – and paced the corridor with the front door open at least half an hour before we were due home. Sigh. 🙂 I imagine her smiling at us indulgently, too.

      That tulsi green tea is fab! 😀

      Thank you, Corinne!

  2. It warms my heart to see this post. What a lovely way to start my weekend. Hugs to you and Vidur for the great achievement. Yes, your mom would be so proud and I am sure she is tasting her kashayam up above 🙂

    Love as always, Shailaja

  3. Congratulations to Vidur. He seems like such a well-mannered kid. But then he has to be – he’s your son. Your mother would certainly have been proud.

  4. What a heart-warming post weaving in your heartfelt sentiments as a daughter and as a mom. The two prompts have been combined very nicely. Yes, I too can vouch for the Tulsi tea! And yes, I also did the same kind of cheating, combining both these prompts from Write Tribe 🙂 Congratulations to Vidur, last year of school and all 🙂

    1. Oh yes – that Tulsi tea is fab, Beloo! This kind of cheating is cool! 🙂

      I am a little sad there’s just one more year of school. 😀 Love the routine and will miss it when we reach that stage!

  5. You’ve written about all the things I like. And I’ve noted your note to me!

    Does Tulsi Green Tea taste somewhat like regular green tea? I freak out on green tea (4 large mugsful every day), but I’ve never tried Tulsi Green Tea.

    ‘Taking care of yourself first’ is practical, like the part in the pre-flight instructions where you’re told to put on your own oxygen mask first and then put an accompanying child’s mask.

    1. 🙂 Pro – that tulsi green tea is just fabulous! I enjoy green tea, too and I love the heavy dose of tulsi flavor in this. Tastes like fresh tulsi leaves in the best setting possible – green tea. Try it. You will love it!

      😀 Glad you are here!

  6. Congratulations, Vidur 🙂 Happy for your achievement, and also for the ‘bowing’ gesture.

    That Papaya and the tulsi tea are so tempting 🙂 🙂 Must try out the tulsi tea somehow 🙂
    And happy that the tests are fine. I remember your post about TMT and all that. Yes , diet should be fine, especially since you stick on to it so well 🙂

  7. Congratulations Vidur!! It is a proud moment for your Mom and Dad. You have made all your ‘Aunties and Uncles’ also proud. Nice to know a talented son of a talented mom!!

  8. Vidya your posts always make me feel something inside. And I will agree that I love this blog of yours more than any other 😀

    I am sitting here and picturing you crying watching Vidur, that is the beauty of bond created through our writing..

  9. Your posts always make me feel so happy. I always leave here with the biggest smile and the warmest feeling in my heart. So happy for all you good news. ♥

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