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Of Guilty Pleasures

You know how we used to joke about the ‘vaarams“, Mi? It is even more rampant now – although we hardly watch any Tamil programming except for comedy these days. The movie channels would have a set of movies that would fit into various categories and no matter what the vaaram was: about fight movies, or romances or whatever, they’d air the same set every time.

Whether it is because of the current times or laziness on the part of those who schedule these things I don’t know – but it is hilarious to see how, when we tune in to Zee Classics, they always show the same set of movies. They rotate among these: Padosan, Teesri Manzil, Johnny Mera Naam, and a couple of others.


We are still excited when we catch the “ek chatur naar” song in Padosan,Aaja aja mai hoon pyaar tera” in Teesri Manzil and “Pal bhar ke liye koyi hame pyaar kar le” in Johnny mera naam. Funny no?

And by the way, I always marveled at how they made out Kishore Kumar to be the better singer in ek chatur naar than Manna Dey, whose range is just stupendous. Just for the rec, I love both singers dearly. Still. So enjoyable. There isn’t a single reality show where at least one contestant sings it.

I remember seeing Johnny mera naam the first time. I was in the second or third standard (grade). Raayar mama was visiting and he came right over to school to see us and pull us out for a movie. I was so stunned – I mean, imagine missing classes to go to the movies!
Probably my first “bunking” experience. I remember holding his hand as we walked to Sangam theater, got the tickets and saw the movie. I don’t recall what we ate during the interval, but I do know we had a super good time on the way back home. I am not even sure I understood the movie fully but who cared! The songs were good. Hema Malini was gorgeous and of course Dev Anand was take-your-breath-away handsome.

I talked about the experience long after it happened, which is probably why I remember it well now – or at least as well as can be expected. I do know I wore my school uniform to the theater and secretly wondered if they would allow me in.

Ah, the innocence of childhood. We perceived everything from the point of everything we knew inside our limited world and the rules that had been set for us. We even imagined that the same rules applied to the whole world because, logically, in our minds, how could anything be different? Wasn’t it wrong to buy chocolates from the bakery without an adult? Wasn’t it wrong to splash in the puddles of water generously left by the rain en route home? Wasn’t it wrong to buy chikki from the not so hygienic hawker by the roadside who knocked off a bit and wrapped it in a piece of newspaper and handed it over for the princely sum of 5 paise?

And yet, we did it. Guilty pleasures. I guess risk taking is something we develop as we grow up, no? Some of us more so than others. How happy it makes us and encourages us to do it again and again.

Talking of childhood I had a friend request on Facebook from someone who looked very familiar. So I messaged Janani to ask because he looked so much like Kamala chitti, Shivamma’s sister who used to live in Karol Bagh. Turned out to be Kamala chitti’s son. Of course, no conversation yet. Which really makes me wonder why people send out friend requests if they don’t intend to interact. I suppose it is to stay connected, just in case. Of what? No idea. I have not sent out friend requests to anyone so how would I know. And to my credit, I do keep in touch with most of the people I know, unless they’ve chosen to drift away.

All is good though. Must go cook lunch. I had my second coffee sooner than planned today.

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