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Mi, I toast you with a tumbler of freshly brewed kaapi!

Nostalgic Conversations

Sometime in July 2012 – you know nostalgia arrives unannounced, Mi. Enjoy.

Me: Oy, what are you watching
V: Oh, am waiting for my program to start in ten minutes…so I thought I’d keep the channel on in case I forget
Me: Rolling eyes. What’s happening?

(Neither of us is familiar with that program, okay?)

V: You know – that man – the heroine’s husband.
Me: The cutie?
V: Yeah, yeah..(reciprocal eye-rolling) – his boss’s daughter is in love with him.
Me: You mean his wife?
V: No no – his boss’s daughter is different. But she doesn’t know about her.
Me: Who, his wife?
V: NO! Mi. The boss’s daughter. She doesn’t know about the wife. She works in another place.
Me: Who, the wife?
V: MI! The boss’s daughter
Me: Hmm. What does the wife do?
V: How should I know? Why should I know? I am only waiting for my program to start.

Both of us look at the screen.

Me: Hey is that the wife?
V: NO. Please let me watch my program. It is only 15 min.
Me: Alright.

Hair ruffle and cuddles follow.

Me: Anyway, I can’t stand that program
V: Me neither. So constipated.
Me: Who, the wife?
Glares at me.

I withdraw into the cushions on the futon.
And no. There’s no moral to this story.

Another day

V: What are you doing?
Me: Making a plan for this week’s work

V:What have you got in today’s plan?
Me: Oh, I have to turn in some articles for a client

V: Who?
Me: The medical one. What about you?

V: I plan to finish some Math homework. Then I’ll bathe and have lunch.
After that I’ll browse some cosmology info and then, watch a movie. Will you
Watch it with me?

Me: Let me see, Vidur. Depends on what stage of my project I am in. And I want to finish
It before Daddy comes home so we can all go to the terrace

V: Why not sit with me and work on your laptop?
Me : Oh, I suppose I could do that (and of course I’ll end up watching the movie with the laptop warming my lap and parked on the table in turns as I swipe the touch pad to keep it live. The only work I’ll get done is … never mind!)

V: Okay after the movie we’ll go to the terrace, then I’ll come back and practice music for an hour. Then we’ll have dinner. After dinner I will draw for some time and then, around 11, I’ll go to bed and read for a while

Whew! Nice eh?

V: Whats for lunch, by the way
Me: Whatever you’d like 🙂 You choose. .
V: What are my options?
Me: I made stuffed parathas for Dad’s lunch. We could have that. Or if you prefer you can have pasta. Or noodles. Or pizza. But you’ll love today’s stuffed paratha.

Notice how I cleverly mention the option I want him to choose last – psychology – kids usually pick on the last word!

V: What did you put in the stuffed paratha?
Me: Carrots, radish and onion and coriander
V: Mmm. Can you stuff that with cheese for me?
Me: Sure, I can do that
V: Ok..what will I have it with?
Me: I Can make some paneer subzi for you.
V: Okay mi. Now lets do our work

Oh, really? So reassuring.

Two minutes later…

V: Can we listen to songs as we work?
Me: Sure. What you want to listen to

V immediately comes over to make a play list of his favorite 1930’s 40’s Bollywood music. I am happy. I love it too. After all, only a hundred songs on the playlist. Cozy.

Windows media player starts up and Amir bai Karnataki’s melodious voice washes over us, overpowering the whirring of the fan. Every few minutes, Vidur turns and looks at me and smiles. One might think he launched the artist and is now appreciating her talent.

V: Mi let us have some cheese
Me: Okay – but you’re going to have it with your parathas also!
V: That’s okay. Just a little cube. Which flavor do you want?
Me: The herbs
V: I am having the lite
Me: Okay
V: Can I have two
Me: Sure
V: I miss Paati (Grandma)
Me: Me too.

Hugs ensue……as we hold each other, and you in our hearts and memory.

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