Coffee With Mi

Mi, I toast you with a tumbler of freshly brewed kaapi!

Thens and Nows Again

Do you remember the days when we thought eating ice cream in the rain was exciting, Mi? And we did, too. We walked out in the drizzle, even if we got drenched eventually, to the ice cream parlor some distance away and enjoyed that casatta ice cream with so much pleasure, watching the rain pelt down.

So you’d think that when I wake up to wet weather, I’d want to go out and enjoy it, right?

Wrong. So wrong.

Right now, I feel like just bingewatching something, knowing that a cup of hot kaapi is well within my reach, should I choose to get up and walk to the kitchen and make it.

In fact, I don’t even mind being a couch sweet potato, reading, dozing and getting up only when I have to.

Although, I have a load of unpacking and laundry to do. We just got back from our trip and can you believe I have not unpacked the suitcases? Yes, I see you laughing, thinking of that person you know who would begin to unpack no sooner than she crossed the threshold, after switching on all the lights and fans and music. I couldn’t wait to set things in order — but that was then and this is now.

This time, as soon as we got back, I got busy rustling up dinner and then I could barely keep my eyes open.

We were talking about you all through the trip, as usual–and I was recalling how much you always wanted to visit Shimla. But Mi, as beautiful as the place is, gosh, the walking around is really tiring. We stayed fairly close to most of the places to see but everything seemed either like a climb or a steep drop. It was a pleasure to see people well-dressed and we did not come across many overweight people. Not surprising considering all the legwork one has to do to get from A to B to Z. I found the houses on the hillside so charming!

Can you believe I did not take my digital camera along? I did not fancy having to manage it in the rain. As it is we walked everywhere in our raincoats. Also, Sury said, for a change why not just enjoy everything with our eyes and mind. That made complete sense to me and was also liberating in a sense. So I decided the phone camera would suffice for those scenes I wanted to hold in my memory. One interesting change in our trips these days is we have begun to take pics of ourselves. Otherwise we generally end up being only behind the camera. That’s a good thing, right?

We had a good time in spite of the wet weather. I think it makes a big difference when we accept the circumstances and situation. It was quite chilly there and we were grateful for the room heater provided by the hotel. It not only served to toast our feet but also dry out out footwear and socks!

A bit of a heartbreak for me, as usual, to say goodbye to Vidur. But then that’s only my Mommy-heart in action. I just can’t help sobbing when I see him walk away and we take off to the airport. Sigh. Time will move, regardless, right?

And so will I. Today’s plan is to finish some work in the morning, have lunch and then empty the suitcases in the afternoon. Gather the laundry and then start slowly cleaning up the house. I also have to visit Sadhana to see how I can help.

Oh yeah, miles and miles to go before I sleep!

But first, coffee. And I really wouldn’t mind a casatta, provided it was home-delivered to me.

P.S.: That picture at the top–do you remember it, Mi? It is from that pay and play park we took Vidur to when he was a toddler. What a lovely day it was. We even carried a picnic basket.

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