Coffee With Mi

Mi, I toast you with a tumbler of freshly brewed kaapi!

Ice Creams and stuff.

Did I tell you that Malleswaram station has an ice-cream parlor Mi? Yes, innumerable kulfis enjoyed so far in the best company, viz Vidur. As we stood there enjoying our lollies, I recalled how much fun the two of you used to have, visiting the station. It is still charming, although improved in many ways. They’ve managed to maintain that old cozy look. We laughed over that experience of the large station employee chasing you both out because you went into an area you weren’t supposed to! And then, you didn’t visit the station for a week. How much you loved to go there with a basket filled with eats and picnic there!

I think even now, if I chose to go sit there with a book for a couple of hours, it would be quite pleasant. Maybe I will one of these days! There’s something so nice about sitting in one of those benches and watching the world go by.

By the way, those kulfis are delicious, with a coat of white or dark chocolate, sometimes sprinkled with nut flakes. I was telling Vidur how, decades ago, we loved those cone ice-creams–and were amused to see them called frozen treats, as they indeed were. Those summer memories! Fast forward to another decade and the three of us would enjoy afternoons with jigsaw puzzles and those tubes filled with chocolate. I forgot what they are called, but they were certainly yummy! Remember how we used to cut them in two and make Vidur feel he was eating two, not one? Ha ha!

And of course we got some kulfis to store in the freezer for laters.

Hmm. Sometimes I feel so removed from all that’s happening you know. Referring to all the so-called “happening” online. Perhaps it is just as well, because if I spent more time than I currently do, I’d never get anything else done. And I do have a life. Although, it can often mean missing out on a lot of things, but then–I’ve never had FOMO worries. I think my attitude of “if it is meant to be, it will be” works, at least in this aspect of life. It is a tricky scene out there. Some “friends” only reach out when they need something, otherwise there’s no connect at all. Strange world. Also, I’ve noticed that the concept of reciprocation is selectively recognized. Today, we are in a world where when someone announces publicly that they met a friend for coffee, it is a major event and something really amazing.

It must be because I am a 60s kid that all this feels weird to me. Technology’s great in many ways, but it is nicer when we run it, rather than let it run us.

Let’s move on to pleasanter things!

Or not so pleasant, depending how you see it. I am slowly cutting out that second coffee and eating a fruit instead. Some days it works, some days I just give in and enjoy the coffee. After all, one life, no?

By the way, I bought a kilo of bhindi, since it is one of our hot favorites. So imagine my stunned surprise when almost 600 g turned out to be a waste! Wouldn’t let a knife run through it to slice it! And it all looked absolutely perfect. And it continued to look perfect for two more days–I kept it just out of curiosity before dumping it. Big eyeroll there.

Oh, had a bit of a brush with V. He forgot to deliver the milk and I finally managed to track him via you know who and who you know…then ended up with TMI and returned home with a headache….without milk. And if you are keen to know why, no prizes for guessing. Yeah, he forgot. Just like old times. But I have to admit these days he’s friendlier. Familiarity breeds eh?

Ohkay! I’ll be back tomorrow, like Schwarzenegger.

So sad Vinod Khanna is no more, Mi. Love this song, no? Yenjoy! Turn up the volume. Sing along if you like.

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4 thoughts on “Ice Creams and stuff.

  1. Vidya, your generation was priceless where the amount of joy was embedded in such simplicity for removed from my gen or millennials controlled by gadgets. Such moments or memories are priceless. I agree, the extent to which friendship is turning so fake in today’s times. Vinod Khanna Sir was a true debonair star and his death pained many of us. I love the song from Imtihan, Ruk Jaana Nahin that truly defined his superstardom.

    1. That’s one of my favorites, Vishal. Somehow, they played it very often as the last song in Triveni on Vividhbharti, just as I left home to work. Now, I don’t go out to work, and it is still an oft-played song in the same program. Yes, I listen to the radio every day. I appreciate you very much for coming over.

  2. I love reading the posts you write to Mi. What an amazing person Mi must’ve been to create these wonderful memories. Another wonderful and heart warming post, Vidya.

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