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Musing, reflecting

I settled down to work after lunch but felt so drowsy it was crazy. So my mind wandered to the kitchen sink and I instantly followed it, thinking, why not shake up the energy molecules and decimate the washing up. Win-win, no? Then of course, I decided to make tea. I made masala chai with predominant shades of star anise. So yum. By the time I finished making the tea, it was 4 ish and I though why not supplement it with some chivda, since I felt snackish.

As I settled down once again to work, my mind went for a stroll down nostalgia lane. It loves to do that, as you know.

I sipped my tea half way through and then started relishing the chivda, thinking of those times when we loved that potato flake mixture. So yum. I had stopped eating it. The chivda I have now is something I bought when Vidur was home and every day, we made it a ritual to enjoy it together.

I know I shouldn’t be loving it so much. Sigh. I promised myself–only until this pack lasts, which will be another day or two.

Did I tell you that I went to the doc last week to show my lab reports? This time I wasn’t so worried since I was late for my appointment only by a month.

Gosh, I remembered how I delayed my routine tests like crazy last year. Although, calling it routine is weird since I delayed it by months with all kinds of excuses. I was overdue by…. eh, never mind how long I was overdue by! In fact, I finally moved a** and went on Feb 28–I have the date etched on my mind probably because of all the teasing at home about the leap year special.

So anyway, I went, I did the deed and returned home. A few hours later, the lab kindly texted me to alert me that the results were online. And they weren’t good. The results, not the lab, which by the way, is a swanky place now in 15th cross at the junction where we turn to go to Hymamshu.

Guiltily, I headed to the doc on Feb 29. (Note my leap year special.) She chided me suitably. And upped my medication dosage, which upset me somewhat, but then.. what could I do? She also assured me that I cannot play with genetics – no matter how careful I am about my diet and habits, genetics will er… you-know-what with me.

So much for all the research about reversing type 2 diabetes and all that %#$@. Well, a wee bit dejected, I stepped out of her clinic to head back home. I thought I’d stop at Reliance on the way, only to discover it no longer existed. But I found the outlet of a popular brand nearby, and curious, went in. Ended up buying some stuff.  Good ol’ retail therapy. They have nice products, all natural, or so they claim. So far so good. The funny thing is, the cocoa butter intense moisturizer smells of chocolate and I find that very amusing. Makes me laugh. So I guess in some sense, mission accomplished!

Armed with my little bag of stuff, and a membership card–I’ve lost count of the number of these that sit in my bag–I took the happy walk home via 13th cross, where I saw our “naati” veggie guys. Had to stop no? Bought fresh veg and headed home.

Funny how random memories run through the mind.

Ah well. My little break is over. I am back to work.


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