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Odds and Ends

How odd that when we know we should cut down on something, we hold on just a little harder to it, refusing to let go. If it is food, why does it suddenly taste much better?  If it is people, why are they suddenly a little more precious? Probably because when we get really attached to someone, something or other happens and they have to go. Or to look at it another way, when we get attached, it is time for them to go. Fate must be laughing all the way to the…what? Emotional bank probably.

Nevertheless, life goes on. And the good news is, as I live longer, I have better ways of coming to terms with it and looking at the positives.

Moving on…I was placing an order for some groceries today, when I came across some chips called “Peri peri chips” sounds like a disease, no? Probably because of beri beri. Chee!

And by the way, I laughed my head off to find “shrewsberry” biscuits listed. To think I assumed that “chooseberry” was coined by P’ma! Had such a good laugh when I saw it, Mi. It is available in various stores under that name. I remember how we used to go to that specific shop to buy the particular variety P’ma loved, the stick shaped, not the round ones. She would be so excited about it.

Weird how memories are triggered off by the simplest things, the slightest provocation. A color, an activity, a stranger’s mannerism… Sigh.

Talking of memories being triggered via color, I ate jamun the other day, thanks to L giving me a handful. When I checked my tongue in the mirror–yeah, I still freak out over that deep purple color–so childish, but so satisfying–I suddenly remembered your saree of that color. And I recalled how she told everyone that she had got us silk sarees, while only we knew they were picked off a clearance sale. And when I think of that occasion, ugh! How did we put up with being insulted or ground down all the time?

I must check the saree, to see if, like others of the same (s)ilk, (ha, ha) it is showing signs of disintegrating. Jeez, how embarrassing it was when you once wore a so-called silk saree to your school annual day and, when you pulled the pallu around as you usually did, you heard the gentle “rrrip”!

By the way, I still have that special crazy black saree and have no idea what to do with it. Maybe I should try washing it once? I’ve considered converting it into a salwar kurta, but then it will need a lining and you know how I feel about those. Errgh.

I really have to clean up my wardrobes, such as they are. Did I tell you I’ve cleared three shelves of the cream cupboard and am using it as a supplementary to my closet. Sometimes I wish I didn’t have a clothes fetish. He he, of course you don’t believe that, do you? What lovely memories of all those times when you soothed my ruffled feelings with a new dress! I especially remember the lavendar silk kurta churidar, with the crocheted vest and pearl buttons. The last time I was in Annanagar, I noticed that the His and Hers shop isn’t there anymore. I did step into Blue Sta,r though, and it was quite pleasant, except we didn’t have much time. You know how Vidur gets impatient when we are out shopping.

I am really guilty you know. The past two times I bought karela I wasted it by letting it shrivel up. So guilty because I have a super salad recipe for it from T who swears that even karela haters will fall in love with it. Good gosh, reminds me…I have to crack that coconut. I have a few copras chilling in the fridge. Must “deal” with them. Probably will make thengai podi and store. I also have to clear up the freezer. I really wish you were here. It would be so much more fun to do it together. Sigh. I’ll just pretend you are, then.

Must go see about lunch now. You see the pic on top — from our yard. I always imagine your delight at each bud, each flower. ♥


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