Coffee With Mi

Mi, I toast you with a tumbler of freshly brewed kaapi!

Time for Nostalgia

Word for the day – power cuts. Thank you, Mr Chief Minister! We like to regress, not progress. Just shows how much we depend on electricity. And why not? It is the techno-age, eh? Power cuts are not all that bad when they are scheduled and of short duration. But three straight hours in a row? That is a problem. Oh well, I guess we’ll survive. Like we have a choice? Because at the end of the day – the tally is about 9 hours! 😀

Life goes on, nevertheless.

a. I gave the washing machine a rest. Hand washing clothes, hanging them up wet – hoping the sun will somehow show itself and dry them off. Because, hey, it is also monsoon and raining you see.

b. I spent quality time with my house. Doing all those things that keep getting put off – like going through papers, disposing stuff that needs to go and filing the stuff that must be stored.

c. Since we woke up to the power cut, I used the rolling pin to crush Vidur’s breakfast since I couldn’t use the electrically powered mixer-grinder.

d. I actually enjoyed my coffee with the morning paper, cover to cover.

e. Catching up on reading,  holding a book – letting it fall on my face when I catch 40 winks.

f. Probably the best part is cleaning out the cupboards. Discovering stuff we’ve put away – sitting with some memories, handwritten notes (!!) old greeting cards, ah! Just going through some of my mom’s books is a pleasure. She’d make notes. She’d write down stuff. Some of her favorite books have little slips of paper with info between practically all the pages! And a currency note tucked away here and there. It is ages since I saw a Rs.1 note! Why, beggars curse when we give them anything less than Rs.2.

My mom – she loved to keep brand new notes. Never figured out why. 🙂 So – I am fondly going through all her stuff, a little at a time, so that I can prolong the pleasure. She loved to send greeting cards, even though we lived together all our lives. The pleasure of receiving something by post is really something else!

I came across a little cover with postage stamps. There was one of the “Beatles“, wow! I also came across a matchbox with “Def Leppard” on its face. Haven’t figured out why I haven’t used the match sticks in it.

I also found a card with dried red roses, which Tanu gave me – about twenty years ago. Thanks Tanu – such sweet memories. It is about time we had another of those long distance 3-hour phone calls! Hey Pimple! – a special, special hug to you, too – remember how we’d walk, walk, walk and talk talk talk…and….never mind! I can’t still believe we’d write so many letters in spite of meeting every day!

All this sorting out made me feel wonderful, enveloped by love. Ah, friends – its so great to have grown up with some and known them for what – wow – 35 years? And to still share the same fun conversations and feel confident about being there for each other, no matter what. Today, I also feel grateful for all the people who’ve touched my life and made it enjoyable and worth living.

Here’s one for Tanu: to take us right back to those crazy rides on NH7 – Enjoy!

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