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Prayers In The Pantry

I am somehow determined to clean up the prayer room/store room, Mi.

I came across the boxes of homeopathy tinctures and meds. I wasn’t sure what to do! Then I thought I’d ask the shop fellers if they want it. What else to do?

I am sorting through all the “treasures” in this little prayer/store room. Time to give it a new look. Starting with a neat look!

If you were here, we would have just emptied the place, repainted it and only put back the things we were sure we needed. I really don’t have the stamina to do it alone, Mi. So I am doing the next best thing. Bringing out stuff in batches and sorting through them. I found a “ZEN” kitchen set with a much needed pair of scissors and three knives. They are superb!

Did I tell you that after the milk scissors broke I took the large one with the black handle? Well it fell down one day and the nut that holds the two arms came off. But the arms are so tightly jammed that it works – in fact, the realignment makes it cut better. Ha ha. Until I realized that I had to keep on adjusting it. I have to be careful when I use it because I do not want to be surprised with an ouch! I am grinningย thinking about how annoyed you would get when I used the large scissors from near the sewing machine to cut paper!

I converted your weekly med box into a earring box. The seven days a week x 3 gives me a convenient 21 tiny boxes. Except I have to make sure I put in the small earrings. The larger ones wont fit! I think I’ll look for those multiple box thingies we bought at one time.

Do you remember those pink fabric roses Vidur played with when he was little? Gosh, I practically saw one particular incident in my mind as I gathered the stray flowers from various spots in the store room. He innocently dismantled the bunch and dipped one pink rose in the oil and sprayed it on the photos – just as he had seen the pujari at the temple do it. He didn’t realize they did it with water. We were terrified when we caught him right away, remember? So scared he would accidentally start a fire, what with the lamp burning there! We then raised the height of the altar – but found he wanted to climb on something to reach it – and then quickly lowered it, choosing the sensible way – aka – sitting him down and explaining to him why he should not meddle with the stuff there. Not that it stopped him.

How much he enjoyed playing with his “trishoolam” which he called “shroolam” As I dusted the faded gold paper off the trident, I fondly put it back as I couldn’t bring myself to discard it. Sigh. Sentiment, I tell you!

I laugh at all those memories and cry that neither of you is here with me to reminisce. We missed him when he was back at school after the holidays – so imagine how it feels like now. I look forward eagerly to the phone calls and Skype calls.

Oh man. I have a Herculean task before me and miles and miles to go before I sleep and gallons and gallons of coffee to drink you know!

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11 thoughts on “Prayers In The Pantry

  1. Heartwarming post, Mam! I should say, I have a Masasla box turned as an earring box now! It’s very useful and convenient. ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. Was just admiring your post when your comment came in, Shalini! ๐Ÿ™‚ Oh yes, masala boxes are fab for various applications. ๐Ÿ™‚ I keep my junk jewelry sets in one!

  2. It is amazing when you sit down to clean how many forgotten treasures can be unearthed. I usually end up spending more time looking at the treasures than actually cleaning. LOL

  3. Having just moved, I’ve had this same experience unpacking. So many treasures, so many memories.. I certainly couldn’t have done any of this moving without coffee running through my veins! ๐Ÿ˜€

  4. I agree. When I clean out my daughter’s room it takes a long time because I get caught up in the memories of her things. thanks for sharing.

  5. wow. I don’t even know you and I totally felt your heart and soul poured out in your words. I imagine you write like this all the time so I’m looking forward to all your #septemberchallenge posts! Love, O

    1. Come here and give me a hug Orana! ๐Ÿ™‚ Your kind words went straight to my heart! I am looking forward to getting to know each other more!

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