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A Pleasant Encounter

So Vidur had a nice teachers’ day Mi! He taught 11B a physics lesson and was pleasantly surprised to find they enjoyed his teaching! He was fretting over this for months and was not excited that I would be away on Sept 5 – but you know him. The quick adjuster. The day before I left – which was 4th Sept, we made sure he had his clothes and other stuff decided in advance. So he was pretty much at peace.

I had a good trip to Goa and back – I was invited to the 4th health writers and editors convention and it was an amazing three days of knowledge and meeting some great people.

See this pic: the lovely girl on my left was also my room mate – and on my right is the editor of the health mag I write for. Now I don’t know why that kurta did a bustie on me! Bah!

goa health writers convention-001

And now…guess who was one of the presenters there? None other than Dr Sujeet Rajan. He remembered you and us…in fact, as I jogged his memory gently, he instantly remembered Vidur with the mention of TIFR Colaba! This was followed by a very pleasant 15 minute chat – I caught him in the dais as he waited for the break to end before he could start his session. It was really wonderful connecting with him. His daughter – the same age as Vidur – is also in the 12th std. Doc also teaches, besides consulting. His presentation was fantastic – you know what a great voice he has!

We recalled how the outlook for you after that bronchioscopy to diagnose the lung fibrosis was another 6 months, to a year, at most…but hey, you showed them who’s who by being with us for another 12 years…feel so blessed, Mi! I felt happy to reminisce with him about how he called you from Geneva, where he went to attend a convention. How sad we were when we had to move from Bombay because we dreaded having to find another good doc! Sigh. I don’t even want to go there!

All I can say now is, if we had continued to live in Bombay, your quality of life may have been much better with better management of your condition. There’s such a thing as life and destiny, no? So for now, I’ll just console myself with that philosophical statement, Mi!

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