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Mi, I toast you with a tumbler of freshly brewed kaapi!


Teacher’s Day is now Gurutsav, Mi!

Today, Vidur will be Teacher, can you imagine?

Sometimes I find it tough to believe he is in the 12th standard and this is his last year of formal school, as we know it.

The last two days he’s been fretting over what to wear – they’re supposed to wear formal clothes!

After the Teacher’s Day program, followed by the students taking over the school, this year they will have live interaction with none other than the Prime Minister, Narendra Modi.

I am smiling thinking of this:

When you were in grade 3, the first Prime Minister of India visited your school and you presented him a rose on Children’s Day

When Sury was in school, Prime Minister Indira Gandhi visited their school

And now, Vidur will actually interact with the present Prime Minister, Narendra Modi

Gosh, looks like I am the only one left out!

My eyes are wet as I think of Kondu Mama today, and how he never forgot to send you a card. I still have that oversized “Gandhi” with his signature across it, wishing you a Happy Teacher’s Day, Mi.

Fond memories of you fretting over what to wear come to mind, today. That photo session you had at school. The bouquets you came home with. The greeting cards from your students. Sigh.

I also remember with pride, my own teachers who shaped me.

But you will always be the best. Happy Teacher’s Day, Mi!

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