Happy Birthday, Mi.

Snatched away at 64…you would have been 69 today.

Always alive in our hearts.

Here is the essence of this song’s truly beautiful lyrics:

We have never seen Him (God)

But there is no need to, because how can His face be different from yours, oh Mom?
You have nurtured Man and God, Mom. Heaven is at your feet as your eyes shower affection on me. What idol can do this?

As long as your hand is raised in blessing, I can never be sad or miserable. As long as you are there to light my darkness, who needs the sun!

No words are adequate to praise you enough. Even God has no way to match (compensate) your love. All I know is that there is no wealth greater than you, oh Mom!

My post at vidyasury.com is also titled “Mi” today.


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