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Mi, I toast you with a tumbler of freshly brewed kaapi!


The morning dawned bright and clear. Actually no. Hot and humid is more like it. My Honda Activa dazzled with a brand new battery. I was contemplating getting it serviced before announcing that it was for sale. I called K and he came over – since I couldn’t ride there. When he saw the bike he advised me not to bother servicing it, since the buyer would anyway negotiate price. Then he offered to buy it. And bought it.

I have to confess I felt so sad. While signing the transfer papers I bawled…with my spectacle glasses clouding with tears…and then drops splashing on the paper. Ewww. Our Dhoni-esque K simply kept a serene expression and watched patiently while I pretended I was fine. I further embarrassed him by smooching the bike. What to do? So many memories. So many happy times. With heavy heart, I bid goodbye.

Now I have to clean up the garage and am determined to make some solid headway by the end of the week. I just plan to “nikalo” stuff like we used to. What a convenient repository it has become for anything we feel undecided about! It is just that the thought of raising that shutter and seeing the BIG gap where the bike would be stylishly parked on its side-stand that freaks me out. This too shall pass eh? Sury tried his best to convince me to take a pic with the bike and I refused. What a total crybaby I can be!

This morning I was involved in a flurry of activity, as it is the day for dry garbage collection. Out went all the boxes we couldn’t seem to get rid of! Fueled by the same enthu, I also scraped the pigeon shit off the verandah floor. Gosh, those pee-gens are so annoying. God knows what they eat where and then come and relieve themselves in our verandah. Lucky it is bathed in sunlight and the stuff dries up so I can scrape it off. If not, imagine! Short of spending a small fortune to grill off the verandah – I can’t think of a way to get rid of the rascals. Hmm. I have nothing against them. I only object to their dirty habits. Creeps.

Finally, we are on our way to setting up a system in place for waste management. We had a few meetings last week as we were told by the BBMP that they are no longer bound to collect garbage from buildings with more than 50 apartments. Trying to find a way around that. They’ve become super strict about segregation and are imposing fines for defaulters. But you know, Mi, people can be real crazies.

I wonder when they will ever understand they have a responsibility and duty as citizens? In spite of the rules and processes in place, we still have disgusting residents who don’t care. It is a thankless job and an ongoing annoyance. Even if the majority of residents comply, non-segregation makes everyone liable to be fined – just like one or two students in a class get the whole class punished. Why, we still see people in their scooters flinging their garbage bags on the road, en route to wherever they’re going. Grrr!

Summer is here. With a vengeance this year, I think, what with all the construction and dust and garbage on the roads.

I wish you were here to accompany me on my walks on the terrace. The evenings are lovely with fabulous sunsets and lots of birds around.  I just can’t take my eyes off the sky, the kites that perch on the tallest terrace and then fly around.


Remember how we used to place two chairs apart right under the fan, hang a wet bed sheet across them, and then lay down under it to enjoy the cool breeze? It is also time to get the kasi towels out – they are best for rinsing and hanging around the neck!

Time for a coffee….without sugar.

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10 thoughts on “And….Sold.

  1. And thus the Activa found someone to be with… now for you to go and bring that little electric home..hai na? 🙂
    Can’t believe that its already summer! Time sure is flying

  2. “smooching the bike” shows the level of attachment!

    “coffee….without sugar”: why don’t you try coffee with cinnamon powder? An added benefit is, cinnamon helps regulate blood sugar levels.

  3. Totally relate to the bawling. Although, I never got a chance to say goodbye to my vehicle 🙁 The buyer came, saw, signed, paid and left with my love before I could blink! It was so sudden. Hugs, Vidya.

  4. What a bittersweet moment for you. I can relate. I felt the same way about the teal Ford Probe I once had. Loved that car, and cried when the lease was up. I can just see you kissing your bike goodbye. Bless your heart.♥ And scraping off the pigeon shit. LOL ♥ Just love you to pieces Vidya. ♥♥♥

  5. So you’ve finally said the inevitable goodbye, na ? Don’t worry dear, trust the bike is in good hands. Let him love the new owner the way he loved you 🙂
    I know how hard it is to part with something that’s been your right hand for so long a time, yet sometimes that’s the most sensible thing to do. Hugs 🙂

  6. Ur honda is now on its way to spread more cheer in K’s Life!

    we were so fed up on pigeons poo poo that we got the top area where they were making nests covered!

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