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So hard to say goodbye

With a heavy heart, I have to say I’m planning to sell my bike, Mi. Yes, yes, I know. But it has been in the garage, unused. I can’t be checking on it and dusting it and ensuring it starts forever when I don’t plan to use it. That’s when I had to bite the bullet and make the decision of selling it. I had no idea where to start. Balaji told me about a site with free ads in India – so obviously I turned to the Internet – where else. A couple of hours later, I have some idea of what to expect for my Honda Activa. I saw ads for the same year’s model asking in the range of Rs.19,000 to Rs.25,000. I smiled at the ads that said “lady driven” – and wondered if it was good or bad.

So I’ve called the battery guy who came and picked it up – needed to be charged. He’ll be bringing it back tomorrow. Then I’ll have the bike serviced, take pictures and put it up for sale.

I fondly remember bringing it home on June 29, 2003. And what a smooth ride it has been. Even on cold wintry mornings, the auto-ignition would start when touched. And Vidur and I would look at each other and say “That’s our Honda!”. How many emergency trips to school! What fun we’ve had zooming around on it, even if it was only in our area.

Gosh, I’ll never forget how, within two weeks of buying it, the stepne got stolen. You and I decided to make a quick trip to the market to get some stuff and parked it at the usual place near the temple. Remember how you enjoyed perching your arm on the stepne as if it were an armrest? We shopped and happily settled our bags and were about to ride back home when you asked me where your armrest was and that is when we realized it was missing. Our first instinct was to complain, but the thought of running around over the next few weeks put us off. The funny part was just the previous evening, I was telling you I planned to dismantle it from the bike and leave it in the garage!

Vidur misses the bike – especially while waiting at the bus stop, wistfully recalling how we reached school in 5 minutes. Sigh. Of course I miss it too. But I know I can’t use it anymore – the thought of navigating the traffic on 8th main makes even me shudder! I’d rather walk – which itself is a brave thing to do – what with half the roads dug up for cabling work. After that accident last year in January, I haven’t gone out on the bike.

I remember selling my Kinetic Honda back in 1997 before we moved to Mumbai. How easy that was. Bishu had told us months before that he wanted to buy it and it was a smooth sale. Everyone admired how well the bike was maintained.

Sigh. I shed tears then. And there’s no doubt I’ll shed tears now. So sad. But I see the sensibility in selling the bike, Mi. No point shutting it up in our garage, right?

This is one of the toughest decisions I’ve had to make. I am sure had you been around, you would have convinced me to do this earlier. So that’s the scene. As soon as the bike is serviced and ready, I’ll post a free ad and see what happens. I’ve also told a few people.

All I can wish is, may it go to loving hands.

So funny. I haven’t let anyone else ride my bike except the mechanic – out of necessity. Very few pillion riders – you, Vidur, Sury, Ravi, Uma, Manchu. I am grateful to all of you for thinking I am a terrific driver. I had a good teacher! Oh gosh, I’ll never forget learning on that Vespa in 1987 – glorious memories. And then buying my first two-wheeler, the Hero Puch.  I’ll never forget Iyer’s face when the boys told him I had taken his motorbike out for a ride at 10 pm with Tanu. He freaked out when I came back and told him it was my first time on a motorbike.

Let me look at the bright side, Mi.

Goodbyes are very tough, no?

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Vidya Sury

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37 thoughts on “So hard to say goodbye

  1. Aww….I know! Parting with something that you love as much, plus have had some memorable moments can never be easy.

    Hope your experience with the free ad is fruitful. Do share what happened here, I’ve been meaning to use that platform to sell some things, just wanna know how it goes. Thanks 🙂

    …and good luck!

  2. You could have written what is running through my mind. I just sold my beloved two-wheeler last week. After 12 trusty years, it finally needed to go. We changed the battery recently and I was having great fun in the last year, zooming back and forth, dropping Gy at her classes. It is sad, but I know it was time. Lovely, lovely post Vidya. Oh and by the way, we sold it through OLX, if that helps.

    1. How interesting, Shailaja! I am in the process of getting the battery changed, too! Eerie coincidence!

      I’d love to know how you went about it – FB chat? 🙂 Thanks! 🙂

  3. Such is life.,.. somethings you gotta let go 🙂 who knows ? you could be driving a cute little electric car next 🙂

    1. Ravi, it is crazy how you read my mind. I’ve been eye-ing a certain shocking pink new Reva that tempts me every day! 🙂 Hugs. What fun it has been, eh? I even named my Honda Activa after you! 😀

      1. hahahah ! its not difficult no ? 🙂 yes the new Reva is really coo.. gives you pver 100kms per charge too ! go for it !! 🙂

  4. I hope you find a good buyer Vidya. Would you believe I have never been able to ride a two wheeler? I tried my friend’s Kinetic Honda in college and fell off it in the first 5 mins. 🙂

  5. I know how hard it can be to let go! My husband’s TVS Victor was his first love and it has been together with us for more than a decade now – all our romantic secret dates, our fights, our laughs – it has witnessed. Well now the poor oldie justs sits there, we service it regularly… But not ridden in a long time. But we still can’t think of parting with it 🙁

    Sharing this post with hubby too 😉

    P.s. you look fabulous- a super mommy with the helmet in that pic! Love n hugs 🙂

  6. You know what they say, at times you have to let go of somethings to make space for the new. I’m sure your Activa would go to someone who will take good care of it. 🙂

    I am secretly glad to know that you are as attached to the ‘things’ that belong to you as I am. I am known (and obviously frowned upon) for talking even to the tables and chairs at home! 😀

  7. Poor you! I feel your pain. I recall one nice ride back from your home to the place I was staying! Lovely days… The memories always remain though, even after we let go, and you’ve got lots of happy ones with this bike! 🙂

  8. Awwie!! I know the feeling, it’s tough to part when there are so many lovely memories attached with something! Hope your bike gets a good new home and you get a shining new car in its place!! 🙂

  9. Aaaaw Vids! Time for the bike to make more happie memories.. isnt taht wat u would ant too 🙂

    BTW tha last pic is my fav… sonny looks soooo cute!

  10. Goodbyes are hard…even for inanimate things because of the memories attached to them. I still remember my parents selling our first car when we moved from Oman back to India… I was bawling!

  11. I can completely relate to this post. In fact much more than just relate. My red kinetic honda was my mother’s birthday gift one odd 1994 from my dad. And for years after I drove it to school, coaching dates (tee hee) and in my hometown mostly everyone knows me as the red kinetic girl. There have been times it has refused to budge but no I could not part with it. taken it to the mechanic heard lectures from my dad about selling it but no. Until last month it broke down. Into pieces. My father laughed sold it off for some 1000 bucks and yes I cried…

  12. Hey Vidya,
    It is the progress of life.
    Best wishes for the sale and happy journeys ahead.

  13. It’s a cool bike. I understand how you feel and my heart tanked when I sold my green Kinetic Honda Marvel, the time I was leaving Pune. It was prized possession and part of my existence. Your bike will make the life of the new friend joyful, Vidya:)

  14. Parting is sad and when fond memories are attached it becomes painful to part but as it is said all good things have to come to an end and have to make space for newer things in life.

  15. Yup.. goodbyes are hard.. Lovely photos.. I was pleasantly surprised when you said Corinne has been one of your pillion riders.. 😀 I don’t know why, but the thought probably never crossed my mind, and when I read it, I was smiling.. 😛

  16. Loved the post! For me its my books who I just cant see with anyone… As bad as it sounds I don’t even like lending them to anyone what if they don’t take care of them! You know Vidya I never sold any of my books, those are my precious possessions that I am so attached to…My parents are tired of the huge pile at home but I just can’t say goodbye to them! 🙂

  17. I get attached to stuff, too. I wish I didn’t; I’d rather do without the parting blues. But how can I *not* get attached, when there’s so much emotional charge in the memories this object is a part of? The “stuff” becomes a talisman, a portal to another dimension, and letting go feels like a betrayal of those memories. And yet… we must let go, mustn’t we? If only to prove to ourselves that the memories are so strong, so important, they don’t need a talisman to be ours. And the object deserves a new life beyond the limitations of our memories. Good luck with the sale, Vidya. No shame in tears 🙂
    Guilie @ A Hop Within A Hop: The A-Z Theme Reveal!

  18. Partings like that are so sad. I remember when the lease was up on my Ford Probe. I was devastated. I couldn’t afford to keep it. My dad had bought it and we split the payment down the middle. I could afford half the payment but not all the payment. So I said goodbye to it with a heavy heart and bought a brand new Ford Contour. Never liked that car because it replaced my Probe. It was so pretty Vidya. It was Teal, and it cornered as if it were on rails. Loved it and still have the best memories of it. Loved seeing your pictures! HUGS!

  19. Parting with something you love so much is heartbreaking. I know when we sold our yezdi bike, we all had tears in our eyes when the new buyer had taken it away.We had to sell it as the kids were small and we needed to buy a car.Felt your pain, take care.

  20. Thought I should get revved up and comment. Parting with your bike is indeed like parting with an old friend. Such memories, my friend.

    Gary 🙂

  21. Awee…. I know the feeling. Ever since we settled out of India, everyone’s forcing me to sell my Activa. But I don’t have the heart to part with it. It was my companion right from the first sem of college. And one hell of a companion too. And when Im away from home, I give it to my friend for safekeeping and take it the day I touch home. 🙂 … but guess sooner or later I’ll hv to part with it :(… but till then it’s gonna be mine. Mine only.

    Hugs n loads f love :*

  22. That’s the beauty of life, isn’t it… we grow attached to things only to let go sometime in future, and even after they are gone, they are alive in our memories ! Lovely post, Vidya 🙂 The bike knows your touch, and her heart shall be with you, forever ! 🙂

  23. Yes, we women are known (and some men) to get attached emotionally to such objects. I do have a kinetic honda at my native, and we still haven’t sold it.. I was attached even to my father’s Rajdoot, which he sold after 15 years because it was very hard to maintain.
    And now, my husband is kinda reluctant to get me two wheeler just because of this traffic. But there are moments when I feel two wheelers are better than walking in these unfriendly paths.. maybe you will notice more on the streets while walking.. more ideas to blog 🙂

  24. Goodbyes are very tough, no? // Yeah, always! Even saying goodbye to my favorite dress after 6 years (that it might no longer fit) will make me feel sad. Excellent write up!

  25. Aww Vidya…You touched a cord here…I can feel your pain in parting. I had the same relation with my bicycle. I never owned a bike though. Parting is really difficult man…I know we tend to get attached to some things and they become such a integral part of our lives..I am sure your Activa will hand in caring hands..:)

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