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Playing Catch Up

So Mi, I think I’ve gone completely crazy. I spent November writing my heart (and perhaps other organs) out. I am continuing to do the same in December because I am on a roll and you know what happens when that happens. When my mind is made up, nothing deters me.

I am also rather deliriously happy. But hang on. Let’s play catch up on the writing prompts I’ve been sitting on, this week.

First, my favorite 55.

The prompt is “Conditions Apply” so here we go:

Conditions Apply

“Conditions Apply”, they said.
How ridiculous! Laughter welled deep within her. But she decided to play along. Pretending to be angry, she argued, dissecting endless possibilities. They refused to give in. What was the problem? Finally, she conceded. It was only a private game. She smirked. After all, they were only voices in her head.

Haha…did that creep you out? It happens all the time in my head.


The prompt is ” I’d do things differently” from the lovely Aditi of Life Is A Journey….Make It BeaYOUtiful.

I’d do things differently

I’d do things differently if I could rewind time

I would

take more photos of you
cajole you to eat more
buy you more clothes
have cut your hair far sooner, if only I’d known how lovely the short haircut would look on you, framing your heart shaped face
take you out more often
multiply the special moments and stress less over the routine
record your beautiful voice singing songs and prayers
have bought the digital camera far sooner without worrying over the expense
have lots of videos of you.
Now you’re gone.
Oh, those regrets!
Locked in my heart.


Oh well, I’ve missed the deadline on the other prompts!


So I am very eagerly looking forward to the trip. Can you imagine ‘Shnu got married yesterday? The reception is on Monday, so stay tuned to updates next week.

Right now my only dilemma is sari or salwar kamiz? It is a while since i wore that yellow sari with the green border. Was discussing the what-to-wear with T and she was dissecting the possibilities just like our heroine in the 55 fiction above. Here’s a glimpse of her questions and my answers:

Don’t you have a dressy blouse?


Don’t you have Aunty’s saris?

What saris? We couldn’t afford those jazzy things

What about those silk saris?

Old and gone. Didn’t have many to begin with and haven’t bought any saris for at least ten years now.

What about your wedding sari?

Awww – that’s a nine-yard sari

(Giggles ensue at the image of me going to a wedding reception wearing the whole nine yards. Although, you always thought I looked smashing in it, Mi)

Conversation continues…

What about the plain silk you were so crazy about?You had practically every color under the sun!

Oh I have those

Then what about the pink?

Yeah, that’s a possibility.

What you going to wear with it? Got some dazzling stone stuff to go with it?

No…um…must check my cheap stuff

You’re driving me nuts. Why don’t you go buy a blouse?

I suppose I could but I won’t find anything jazzy.

‘Dya, what happened to you? You were always so dressy!

Um…maybe my priorities have changed? really don’t want to hear what we said after that.

But it is true, Mi! I no longer feel the pressure of “dressing up”.  Be that as it may, I still certainly enjoy my clothes and that’s my only indulgence. So I do have a dressy, though cotton, salwar kamiz. And I may end up wearing the yellow sari finally. I did discover that delicate set I got years ago – and took it out to see how it looked – I had forgotten. So fancy my surprise when it turned out to be all green stones – so matching. T will be pleased. Just to amuse her, I plan to send her pictures. I am cracking up to think I wore that sari at her wedding!

Oh, but how I miss her sometimes, Mi! What fun we had.  My eyes and heart always fill up when I recall those days when she’d breeze in – and rather than wait for me to return home, would force you to sit in a chair near the fridge and clear up the sink. Then you’d make coffee for her and you both would chill in the living room with the door open. When I walked in, you’d both tease the heck out of me – for you, it was the grime on my face and for her, it was my nothing-out-of-place appearance.

And then, we’d have a series of coffees.

coffee with Mi vidya sury
Thank you Etsy


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10 thoughts on “Playing Catch Up

  1. Lovely takes on both prompts, but what was lovelier was that wonderful walk down memory lane. You know how much I love those, and this walk was no different 🙂

  2. I am always out of place anywhere, I seriously need to buy some saris.
    loved ur take on the prompts and no I didn’t creep out, happen with me too

  3. I liked both your submissions. Well done! I know how it is to be playing the catch up game. I have more hours this week at work so I have been trying to fit in writing and reading everyone’s lovely posts. ♥

  4. Love your I’d do things differently. I feel that way about my dad. So did you wear the sari or the salwar kameez?

  5. I loved these glimpses into your thoughts and life, and I think it sounds like you still have some very pretty saris. I hope you found the perfect one to wear!

    1. Thank you, Emily! 😀 Oh yes, I found the right saree to wear. A yellow silk with a deep green border with gold zari. I’ll try and post a pic when I get it! 😀 Hugs!

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