An Award, Tears and Gratitude

An Award, Tears and Gratitude

Mi, on Thursday evening, we were chilling at home as usual. It was Independence day and a holiday. I had some vague intention of writing a post about Freedom, but real life intervened and I let it flow. Sometimes we just have to cut out the external noise and enjoy ourselves, no? And we did.

It was a rather cozy day. Heavy rains outside. Of course we stood straight when the National Anthem was on. Then we listened to a lot of lovely patriotic songs. You know Sury. I made semiya (vermicelli) payasam (rather a lot – have some still tucked away in the fridge). Yes, I made it thick so as to add milk to bring it to the right consistency and warm up before indulging. Yes, I roasted everything nicely to a golden brown before cooking. And yes, yes, I added freshly crushed cardamom. Wait, I know what you’re going to ask me. Did I fry the raisins so they became turgid little fellers? Yes, Mi. I did. So many years of being your apprentice, naturally I would have learned it all by osmosis, no?

Okay, we’re digressing. As usual.

Back to the future present.

So as usual we had a rather sumptuous holiday meal consisting of kundru curry, tomato sambar (yes, like that! – and yes, I chopped up the coriander stalks and added them for flavor and iron, go on, pat my back!), guacamole (yes, I am hooked to avocados, better known as butter fruit. Yummy. Wish we had got these earlier, you would have loved it), capsicum salad, cucumber salad, papad, variety of pickle, curd, rice and love, of course. You remember how we loved holiday meals! Sitting together in your room, and enjoying the buffet-style meal. At the end of it, you would always whisper to me, saying what a good chap Vidur was about food. So he didn’t mix the sambar and rice and curd and rice like a good Tambrahm, but what the heck. He eats it all separately, so how does that matter. He is still not a fan of yogurt, but will not fuss over buttermilk occasionally.

After a leisurely lunch, we settled down to do our thing.

During tea time, I made the semiya payasam on a whim, actually. Then Vidur joined me in the living room where we played some songs, chatted intermittently as he busily sketched and I caught up with my work.

At sevenish or so, I decided to log in and check email. My intention was only to speed read the subject lines and log off. That plan went up in vapor when I saw the hazaar messages – congratulating me. For what? The message that stood out was Corinne’s. I followed the link to our Facebook group and here is what I saw:

“And we announce our IB Award Winner – Vidya Sury for her Coffee With Mi blog. Congratulations!”

“Eh, what?” I thought. Then I was pointed to the Indiblogger link where it was all happening and I swear you could have knocked me down with a feather (at that moment, mind you, not always) – do you see what I saw? Predictably, I started crying uncontrollably. So much for you thinking I rarely shed tears. Ha! I am pretty much mushy these days.

 Coffee With Mi IBA2013


Coffee With Mi is the winner in the Literature & Personal Memoirs category of the 2013 Indian Blogger Awards. Yes, Congratulations to you. Without you, this blog may not have existed. Of course I am deeply grateful to all those who visit, read and comment.

So that’s our big news of the week.

I have so much to say to you all the time, I’ve also taken to writing a diary, to keep pace with my thoughts.

I promise you, Mi, that book will not remain a dream.

And now, let us enjoy this beautiful song,”Aaduvome Pallupaaduvome” by D K Pattammal – you loved it when I sang it for you! I have tearful memories of you teaching me “Thayin Manikodi Pareer“.  We’ll listen to it next time when I find an audio by D K Pattammal. When we sang it together, my chest would burst with emotion.  You know what is endearing? That V loves these songs too!

I have loving memories of how you relished wearing your off-white saree with the tricolor border!

Jai Hind!


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