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Streetscape #FMSphotoaday Day 18

Mi, see, I am lagging behind a bit. But I had a bit of a rough day yesterday, plus it was my weekly meeting day. Plus, one more thing, as you know.So, Even as I mope around just to feel a little better, I am posting photos of streets in response to today’s prompt. By the way, I forgot to tell you Kupp’s son got married. Yes, that little kid we saw running around….and then gifted a bicycle to, then were proud of his achievements at college – is. now. married. I gifted him a tambaalam (paraath). I wanted to check our store of brand new steels in the trunk in the machu pichu but didn’t have the energy.

That fall from Sunday hurts you know. I pulled some muscles that competed for my attention the next day and drove me crazy. Ah, well. This too shall pass.

So lets take that walk, Mi.

Just outside Nilgiris on 8th Main, these beauties were taking an afternoon stroll. You know I could have easily put this up for Transport. I can tell you for sure that these fellas are not waiting for their driver. It is not their car. No, they didn’t lose their keys!

This lovely sight is outside the Nimishamba Temple near Mysore. There’s something so cheerful and energizing about seeing Nimbu garlands, no? Remember how we used to buy hundreds and make garlands for Maramma? I used to successfully pierce my finger with the last nimbu! Sweet pain!

This is a view of the underpass from the Malleswaram circle. Scary point to cross the road – the traffic is as crazy as ever!

And this is our refreshment point at 17th Cross on 8th Main – you’ll be shocked to know that a tender coconut now costs Rs.20/-. Hmmmph! Still, better than a fizzy no?

This morning, Vividh Bharti aired this song – and as usual, I just felt like crying. Somehow it is like a Pavlovian response, you know? Some things are just emotional triggers for me. Remember how we cried buckets every time we watched this movie?

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  1. The nimboo garlands look awesome and I love the song too. Thanks for sharing. And I hope you feel better soon Vidya. Take care.

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