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Transport on Day 6 June #FMSphotoaday

Interesting prompt today, on Day 6 of the #FMSphotoaday challenge, Mi. Transport.

I almost took a photo of the lift – then I realized I could do better! So on with the pictures already!

Transport.  Covering distance.

Sometimes Slow.

Sometimes Fast. Ha ha. Or not so fast in a traffic jam!

Sometimes – just parked. See this police bike. Jazzy eh? Not to miss the cheetah print

And here is the miracle worker that’s a Mother to be – representing transport – covering time and distance.


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3 thoughts on “Transport on Day 6 June #FMSphotoaday

  1. Ha ha at the Cheetah Print. 🙂 And the last one is so perfect. Transporting from heaven to earth. 🙂

  2. Wow! Four so completely different pictures, yet related by the common theme of the day! That bullock-cart painting is quite good. I have only seen advertisements on boundary wall exteriors so far in my life. That painted was a first for me, at least in India. And it sure does look Indian.

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