That “Emergency” sign always brings a huge lump in my throat. It reminds me of all those occasions when I had to drop everything and run with no real idea of the outcome. But along with the sadness, there have also been times when the situation turned into smiles and joy.
So, Mi, I am taking your advice about skipping the sad times. Instead, lets dwell on joyful things.
I know that your favorite “emergency” was when my waters broke on the eve of Vidur’s arrival into this world. November 22. what a memorable day! It dawned bright and clear as any other – and as usual, Sury went to the recreation center in the evening for a round of badminton. I didn’t quite feel like going out and decided to watch the ocean from our window instead, sitting in a chair at my favorite sunshine-filled spot in that space between the living room and the bedrooms, which formed a sweet seating space, yet to see happy memories.
As I warmed my feet in the early evening sunshine, wiggling my toes, dreaming vaguely of November 24, which was the due date, I had this urge to visit the wash room. I raised myself, rather laboriously – oh, pun intended – and waddled on. So imagine my stunned surprise/horror when I felt a warm gush. Did I pee in my roomy pants? No. I hadn’t lost control of those parts – of that I was sure. Then what the what? This was definitely weird. So I called out to you and you were puzzled. Then it dawned on you that it must be the “waters” doing their thang.
Naturally, you were in a tizzy. Then I had the first sane thought. Calling the doc. Which I did, while you gathered the bags we had packed a month before and checked against the checklist everyday. πŸ™‚ So amusing to think of this now. The doc asked us to get ourselves over to Emergency in St.Elizabeth’s right away.
Now, how to get hold of Sury? No cellphones those days! But barely had we begun to wonder when the door opened and he walked in. After that, it was a flurry of events. In all that, I somehow remembered to drink up the porridge you had cooked for me – I’ll never forget that because you people never stopped teasing me about it for years afterwards. Then we got a taxi and zoomed off to Emergency at the hospital. This was one emergency we were very, very glad to land in! After over 14 hours of excruciating induced labor, threat of maternal and fetal trauma, I was rushed into Emergency yet again for a Cesarean. The rewardΒ  was worth all the pain.
Ah, I have a 15 year old son to prove it!

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