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Mi, I toast you with a tumbler of freshly brewed kaapi!

My Favorite Teacher

Happy Teachers Day, Mi!

You were my first teacher and will continue to be my favorite. I am thinking of you today fondly, recalling how you would plan, with your colleagues, what to wear on Teachers Day for the festivities planned at school. Today, Vidur and I were talking about how, years ago, we’d be in a frantic rush to get those single roses from the florist. And then, we would make hand made greeting cards individually for each teacher. Now, since the last two years it is a joint effort where they just present the teacher with a bouquet – quite apt I think!

I was so lucky to study at the same school as you did, and taught by the same teacher who taught you! Oh, Kumud teacher!

Ah, how the day would begin with excitement about the very different day we would have at school – and end with lots of flowers and gifts and happiness. You would come back home laden with flowers, cards and all sorts of gifts and it was such fun to open and discover what was in the packages!

Remember how Kondu mama would send a card every year and also phone you to wish you a Happy Teachers Day? Recently we were cleaning out the little chest of drawers and Sury was amused to find that huge currency note which Mama had sent with his wishes – his greeting in a flamboyant handwriting! I had a rush of memories at that. You’d always say Teachers Day was more important to you than your birthday.

I find that I have so much of your wisdom to share when I read other peoples’ blog posts. I am singularly lucky to have grown up with you and Paati and enjoyed your intelligent sense of humor and wisdom.  Maybe that is why I am serene, sometimes giving people the impression that I get over things too quickly. But I don’t’ see the point in sulking, making a scene, creating drama, soliciting sympathy and then getting over it. Why dwell on an unpleasant thing any more than one has to? There is no rule about hurting someone who has hurt us, is there? I choose not to – that is all.

If you had been with us today, we would have enjoyed a cake! I am thinking about all the students who adored you – who kept in touch long after they passed out of school. I still have Rampal’s Hindi essay book! Teachers are indeed noble. I was fortunate to have wonderful teachers – who are still alive and kicking – God bless their souls! I am so sad you are not with us, physically, today. It is a rather quiet day at home since Sury is also out of town.

I practice what I’ve learned from you as much as possible. I always try to keep my cool, no matter what. I never was a shouty person – but now, I am much quieter than before. Working from home makes that inevitable at times. Sometimes I am fascinated about how we manage to sustain virtual friendships with just the written word, literally. What can I say, I am grateful for a medium.

It has been such a wonderful ten years at Vidur’s school, knowing his teachers and being friendly with them. Remember how you used to send them juice and snacks when they had to stay back at school for exam paper corrections? Can’t believe he is racing towards the end of Class X now. We are already filling out admission forms for the next academic year. I am very very sad you are not with us to hear his X class results. How I used to tease and scold you affectionately whenever you were in pain – asking if you did not want to celebrate that day!

My heart is heavy, my eyes are full, as I savor a mental picture of you in a silk saree, wearing a huge smile for everyone.

You mean the world to so many people, including me.

You are the best teacher in the whole world. You are my Mentor and my inspiration.

I remember all my teachers today with love, I pray for the health of those who are alive.

Happy Teachers Day!


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