Gone Girl

You know how it is when suddenly a memory, or a series of memories hit us most unexpectedly, right? That’s what happened a few days ago. On a whim, and because the morning was awesomely chilly, I decided to accompany Vidur to school, just to enjoy the sights en route....


Sad Songs Make Me Cry

Sad songs make me cry. I know, you laughed. I, the one who is not quick to shed tears, actually am a softie when it comes to sad songs, children singing, group bhajans, people starving – especially children, old people being ill-treated, children crying…. Ha! Quite a longish list eh? So...


A Fine Fetish

The excitement of new clothes never dies for me, you know! Last week, I came across a lovely kalamkari kurta and coveted it. However, I just added it to my wishlist and forgot all about it. Then two days ago, thanks to the constant reminder these websites keep sending, I...


Harpic In My Hair #MicroblogMondays

I got Harpic in my hair today, Mi. Ironically, I was writing content for a client in the beauty industry and specifically about hair care. As I did the research, I laughed to myself thinking soon I’ll be in the market for a wig. I even playfully wondered if I...


Back On Air

champa fragrant memories
Image from India Nature Watch

Did I tell you that the champa sapling in our compound flowered some more? How could I have done that when we were off the air? Yep, we were actually off the air thanks to our hosting company for two days. Not that anyone noticed, I think. But how does...


Cooking It Up

Know what? I am in the mood to cook and experiment and am enjoying the results, Mi. Who knew you passed on the talent via osmosis to me? Ha ha!. I was telling T that on the phone yesterday and she laughed her head off. But seriously, being a helper...


Two Miracles and Some Crazy Stuff

I am here to report a miracle Mi. Two in fact. The day before yesterday I ran all the way from Triveni road to the Y’pur circle bus-stop and didn’t pant! I was amazed at myself on two counts. One, I hate to jog, you know. I simply abhor jiggly...

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