Stranger than fiction

Stranger than fiction

Sometimes, real life is stranger than fiction, Mi. Circumstances, priorities and perspectives transform us in ways we never even imagined.

Of late, I’ve been finding it funny how family members don’t care to keep in touch. When I take the initiative to call them, they wax on poetic about how I’ve forgotten them. Never mind that it was me who made this call, and the last ten calls before this. Rather reminds me of weddings we didn’t feel like going to, but forced ourselves to attend, because, hey, we knew that when we went, they’d ignore us, but if we didn’t, we would never hear the end of it, eh?

Earlier this used to freak me out, but these days, I simply smile and let it go. I have realized that you were the glue that held it all together.

As you always enjoyed pointing out, Mi, there are plenty of nice things in life, too,

I am trying really hard to focus on the good stuff; trying hard because life has a freaky way of throwing continuous curve balls, as if testing my patience. I keep thinking, this too shall pass, but hey, what do ya know? And I ask, ok Fate, what next?

Did I tell you I enrolled in a gym? Yeah, I can see you laughing your head off. My impression of one was always an enclosed place with equipment and lots of sweaty bodies, and, if the media is to be believed, lots of sleazy “goings on”, not to mention the exorbitant cost. I am not generalizing, but that’s what I’ve heard about the few that have popped up in conversation with those who go to the gym.

So imagine my own surprise when I went and joined the one near our place! I love it. It occupies a large stretch on the side of the playground at the end of 7th Main Road where they have that gorgeous bronze statue of Chandrasekhar Aazad, standing majestically and twirling his mustache. With glass walls on two sides, there’s a great view of the road on one side and the playground on the other. Nice place, plenty of fresh air and ha, ha, not expensive, courtesy our local MLA. Plus I get my daily dose of people-watching.

You’re probably wondering what prompted me to go there. With rains foiling my walking plans every day, I realized I couldn’t afford to do the bunkim on my exercise, so decided to buddy up with Vidur and go to the gym in June. Sigh. Now he’s back at college and I must go there on my own from tomorrow. I’m having a tough time keeping the tears from falling. Oh, that’s another conversation. Don’t even get me started on it now.

Oh, did I tell you about our Youth Club 30th anniversary celebrations? Guess who I met there? None other than the ex-owners who harassed us. I did not recognize them until someone pointed them out to me. They’ve changed so much over the years—as in aged. As I watched them, I expected to feel agitated as the old memories flooded my head, but was rather startled to find myself feeling quite zen.

Odd eh? Suddenly they seemed reduced to elderly people with health issues and nothing more. The fact that we had paid much more than we should have for the house, and added to that, gone through the trauma of a false lawsuit seemed quite distant. All I could now think of was how happy we’ve been in our home, the major milestones we’ve crossed, the nice area we live in and the other positives.

Crazy how we change, no?

Then there are the so-called friends who really aren’t. A case of, as Sury likes to say, “truce is stranger than friction”

Day 1 of the #BarAThon Challenge  from 1st to 7th August 2016

I am with Team #CrimsonRush