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Grate things!

So jennyway I forgot to tell you that I gave the Mommies a treat last week. Yep. Lemon lamps and all. I prayed. I offered 7 coconuts. And I felt happy. Then I felt happier thinking of how much you would have enjoyed it.

Because, you see, each coconut split exact down the center. That itself would have showed us a good omen. Then, each coconut had so much water that I ended up with 2 liters of coconut water from the 7 coconuts. Thrilling to say the least. Along with three rounds of guaranteed refreshment for the three of us. Of course, later I read somewhere that it spikes blood sugar – by which time it was too late. Oh, we live and learn don’t we! I am just glad that I did not give in to the impulse each time I passed a tender coconut vendor.

puja vidya sury

See the mobile phone screen in the middle? Didn’t have a pic so decided to be creative. Hehehe. Also, do you think the puja room needs a fresh coat of paint? I’ve been thinking that too. Hmm.

So onward. I’ll bet you were wondering what I did with the 7 coconuts, Mi. True to tradition, I made a mental list of people I am fond of. First thing, I did a tamboolam to L opposite with two coconuts right away, after the neivedyam was done. Then I called Poorni but she didn’t turn up when she said she would. Probably got caught up with stuff. Which still left 5 in the fridge. Now even in the fridge, shelf life isn’t forever, so I had to plan things pronto.

coconuts vidya sury

Pronto happened yesterday. At 3.30 pm I felt a little drowsy working at the laptop. As I normally do, I simply got up drank some water and stood in the middle of the kitchen wondering what to do. Oh, nuts, I thought. The coconuts! They occupied a substantial part of one shelf in the fridge. I got the bag out and with Freddy Mercury blasting Bohemian Rhapsody followed by We will rock you, Radio GaGa, Under Pressure, I want to break free and several more, I scraped out the coconut kernel. Then I surveyed the colossal amount of fresh grated coconut, making a mental list of what to make.

Here’s what I ended up with:

Thenga poornam – or rather Poornam vishwanathan. Tossed the coconut around in two spoons of ghee on the stove in a wide wok. When it was on the verge of turning golden, I added the jaggery – or rather the filtered jaggery syrup, because who wants to bite into a stone – however miniature it might be – while enjoying the poornam eh? Tossed it around until the coocnut soaked it up and simmered nicely. Added a handful of almond slivers and roughly pounded cardamon/elaichi. Oh, the aroma when it is all done and ready! I turned off the stove and asked our official taster to check out a spoonful. Approved!

Once I’d started with the sweet and was done with it, I decided to make some nice tight chutney! In a mixie jar of grated coconut, I added the necessary ingredients and gave it a spin. Nothing like the fragrance of asafoetida in chutney! I pressed it down into a steel container. Oh, I remember the first time I put it in a disposable plastic container and put it in the freezer. Had to wait forever to thaw and take some out for fear of breaking the plastic. Lesson learned. So only steel in the freezer, unless dry stuff in ziplock. I packed off the chutney into the freezer but only after it was taster-approved.

The remaining grated coconut? I put it into the round steel dubba and put in the freezer, dreaming of beans curry with coconut. Only dreaming, mind you, until beans steps down from its Rs.125.00 a kilo! Can you imagine? Bah! But I can always make avial no? There, there!

You know, old habits die very hard, Mi. I go to buy veggies and buy all the ones that are under Rs.50 a kilo – but will I be able to do that next week? Not sure. Even tomatoes are Rs.60 a kilo – and we consider them a staple. Ah well. Let’s see how it goes. Lucky I live on a basic diet of cucumber/cabbage/capsicum/tomato salads.

Mmm. So. Time for a thamizar of kaapi wouldn’t you say?

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  1. Ah! I can actually relate to this a lot. Especially since my in-laws are around, and my MIL often does similar things to what you just mentioned.
    Creative work with the ‘mobile phone’ right in the middle. Me likey!

    1. 🙂 Spur of the moment thought, Sid. I am not one for rituals, but suddenly I thought of my Mom so much, it felt very good. Then of course, there are the yummies!

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