Coffee With Mi

Mi, I toast you with a tumbler of freshly brewed kaapi!

You’ve got company

Of the most eclectic kind, Mi! This time I took my procrastination too far and look what I did. You know you’ve been hobnobbing with stars of the likes of MJ … and now, you’ve been joined by none other than .. Prince. The Purple One has passed on to the other side. Your side. Lucky you. If only you could call me each time he performed there, like you used to when you were here. Will you tell him how much I adored him?

Prince Vidya Sury

I can almost feel a twinge of envy, you know! And to get over that, I just enjoyed a Prince Marathon that segued slightly into some MJ-ness and onward. In short, a good three hours whizzed by rather quickly – three hours that I could have focused on and finished work, but ah well. You know. Perks of flexi-time, working from home, freelance and all that. Or just pure lethargy and desperate to goof off a bit.

In the meantime, even as I was getting around to telling you about Prince, we lost someone else. Yeah. Shivamma. Watch out, is all I can say. “They” were considerate enough to email me to let me know and suggested I take a head to toe shower. It was nice to know that “Her whole life was was her family and her family was her whole life“. So charming. Also, I am told she liked me. A lot. She also apparently “often asked about you said by being born on saraswathi pujai day u will acquire high level of following due to your skill and  knowledge” Isn’t that lovely? Aren’t I the lucky one?  But of course. Hmm.

The most intriguing thing is this, Mi. The day before I got that email, I dreamed of her. I woke up in the morning, somewhat disoriented and very surprised about this out of the blue dream. But then, dreams have a tendency to do that. Probably dig up sh*t from our subconscious mind and send a whiff of it into our conscious mind, to freak us out when we wake up because we can only remember snippets, if those. As the day wears on, all memory of that dream is lost. So I was a bit stunned. What a coincidence that the email should arrive later in the day, to say she had passed on. R.I.P eh?

I am sorry I just cannot get over some things. I know you don’t approve, but my blood simply simmers over what you went through and later, together, what we went through.  That doesn’t mean I will react, or do anything, but its there. And probably always will be.

So right now I have just this for you. I would have played you know what but then I’d have to worry about this blog’s rating after that. Enjoy!

Lemme settle down in my head and I’ll be back tomorrow with pleasanter stuff, Mm? Just so you know, I skipped my second coffee today in favor of a glass of cold milk. What’s up with that?

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