Some Days

Vidya Sury Coffee With Mi (2)

Best thing to do when housebound is to go through stuff, or at least a box of stuff, eh, Mi? So I am tackling those years of box files full of neatly filed papers that I’ve no idea whether we need to keep or not. What kind of a sentence...



toys vidya sury

I was rummaging through that light blue box with those compartments, Mi, where I used to keep all sorts of knick knacks – if you can call safety pins, lone earrings separated from the set, toe rings, friendship bands, bangles, hairpins, a teeth mould, beads, tie pins and other odds...


Life is Too Short

vidya sury coffee with mi

…For bad coffee. The past two days have been a torture in coffee, Mi. The fault is mine. While returning home from the post office three days ago, we came via Nayak’s Condiments and I felt rather clever that I remembered, especially when the aroma of the fresh coffee powder hit...



Sometimes we have a “place” in mind when we feel low, Mi. Do you remember how we often thought that the Saibaba temple in Picket was that place? Peaceful, calm, serene and instantly soothing even when we thought about it. See the photo above? That’s the shopping complex at Vidur’s...


Soup and Stuff

soup and stuff coffee with mi

Today I pressure cooked a bunch of veggies – cabbage, tomatoes, beans, carrots and onions with some salt and pepper and had two large bowls of it. Tasted like heaven. Reminded me of years ago, when we decided to suddenly go on a soup diet. We’d both wake up at...



Vidya Sury Mi

I always think of you like this. Enjoying your sampige flowers. Even when they’re dry, their fragrance lingers. In your shelf, among your handkerchiefs and pillowcases. Or I could be imagining it, because you always seemed to carry the jasmine and sampige with you. The other day I came across...


Slow Motion

coffee with mi

Camp: bed I am already tired of being sick. I decided to make some tomato soup but ended up overdoing the pepper in it. It seared a path all the way through my system. It however felt rather good. A pleasant shock, you know. Since neither of us is up...

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